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Designing a secure digital future with G+D Filia®

Central bank digital currencies have wide-ranging benefits for consumers, for central banks, and for the wider payment industry too. Extending the reach of cash to the digital world, CBDCs are an important driver of social and economic innovation.

G+D has been exploring the concept of retail CBDC for many years, gaining a deep understanding of the topic, and has shaped the thinking around CBDC in certain areas. We have advised central banks the world over on CBDC, engaged in extensive studies, and concluded CBDC projects together with numerous central banks.

Based on these undertakings, G+D engineered its own CBDC solution called G+D Filia®. The solution is designed to be a government-issued, public digital currency, providing outstanding security and resilience with no single point of failure and truly making it possible to balance privacy with transparency.

6 pillars of support

We’re here to support you – no matter where you stand on the journey to a CBDC. You will  always be guided by G+D experts from initial consultations to the design and development, implementation and operational support of your national CBDC.


Filia® comprises 8 components that builds the platform of your national digital currency.


Consultation to establish a broad knowledge of CBDC ranging from security, infrastructure, interoperability, and up to business and specific design requirements


To gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of CBDC and its technology, G+D offers an individual experimentation package. With the G+D Filia® Sandbox you can test the solution in a secure, trusted environment.


We provide an array of devices, such as smart cards and wearables for offline CBDC payments


CBDC simulation to understand the economic and financial impacts


G+D supports central banks in certifying and auditing CBDC according to the highest security standards

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Products and solutions

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G+D Filia® – retail CBDC solution

This award-winning solution is our commitment to supporting central banks, commercial banks, fintechs, merchants, and other players in overcoming the roadblocks to CBDC.

Someone operates a smartphone with symbols for various currencies hovering above it

G+D Filia® Sandbox – first steps to a CBDC

We offer an individual experimentation package consisting of a thorough training program, interactive workshop sessions, and access to our CBDC sandbox.

Download the G+D Filia® whitepaper

Design concept of a secure and trusted CBDC

Cover of FILIA whitepaper: Design concept of a secure and trusted CBDC

Learn about the key CBDC design criteria based on G+D Filia®’s unique approach

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