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Connectivity & IoT

Secure connections. Unlimited potential.

Highly secure cellular connectivity has laid the foundation for the billions of devices, vehicles, machines and even entire factories that are online worldwide today. And more than 5,000 new devices are connected to the internet – every minute. The Internet of Things (IoT) is already the largest machine ever built by mankind. We unlock business potential for our customers through IoT innovation with built-in security tech.

For more than 30 years we have been shaping the global SIM success story – one of the building blocks for highly secure cellular connectivity. G+D supplied the world‘s first commercial SIM card and has been closely involved in the introduction and further development of the SIM card, the eSIM and the iSIM / integrated SIM. Our technology enables devices to connect securely to global mobile networks and ensures data integrity, without compromising on service delivery. 

Trusted connectivity is a prerequisite for securely connecting, identifying, managing and maintaining IoT devices globally. Our eSIM competence serves as an exceptionally reliable and proven foundation for the management of cellular IoT connectivity. By reducing complexity and costs as a “one-stop shop” we make the IoT simple, accessible and secure for our customers. We enable devices to be connected out of the box and additionally provide seamless global connectivity services across 185 countries. 

We are the only end-to-end connectivity and IoT provider. In this fast-moving environment, we are the trusted partner for customers in four domains: Mobile network operators, automotive manufacturers, IoT device makers and technology providers, as well as enterprises across all IoT sectors. 

We unlock business potential for our customers through IoT innovation with built-in security tech.

Dr. Philipp Schulte, CEO of G+D Mobile Security
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Mobile Network Operator

G+D supports mobile network operators (MNOs) to manage risks and, at the same time, exploit opportunities. The technologies in this area are evolving rapidly – and sometimes even change radically. G+D offers solutions such as eSIM management so you can ideally position your business – for today and tomorrow.

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With our leading IoT solutions, we ensure the global connectivity and efficient lifecycle management of IoT devices. Our experienced global teams assure that G+D is both partner and pioneer in tackling the three key IoT challenges: connection, secure transmission and analytics.

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We at G+D ensure that the automotive solutions of tomorrow provide secure, trusted connectivity, as well as personalized services. Whether in the vehicle, on a device or when uploading to the cloud, data integrity and privacy have to be guaranteed end to end.


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