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Make a lasting impact. Join us to shape the future of currency

Here’s a career path that’s definitely not like the rest. One where you and your work are really valued. Where you can make a tangible difference in an innovative sector that will define the future of how we pay for things. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are the next generation of money and will transform the way people use money. Be part of a visionary team that makes the world safer and more inclusive by driving the digitalization of currency.

Developing a CBDC solution is a complex undertaking – and securely implementing it even more so. That’s why Giesecke+Devrient is the right company for your career development. Why? Because we have a unique combination: a deep understanding of financial systems, expertise in building highly secure digital infrastructures, and first-rate digital payment know-how. G+D Filia® is our commitment to supporting central banks, commercial banks, fintechs, merchants, and other players in overcoming the roadblocks to CBDC. And you’ll be at the heart of it.

About us

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Who we are

Our team members are problem solvers, creative technology experts, digital evangelists, innovation pioneers and strategic game-changers. We believe strongly in the new future of work, combining the agility and speed of a start-up with the expertise and trustworthiness of a deep-rooted company.

Values that guide our team

  • Compassion: We care about each other
  • Unity: We succeed as a team
  • Growth: We learn from our mistakes and thrive on curiosity
  • Innovation: We welcome different perspectives
  • Openness: We embrace diversity
  • Transparency: We communicate openly
  • Integrity: We take ownership

Your colleagues

Curious about your future team?

Jie Hou, Senior Data Engineer CBDC at G+D

I'm so glad to be part of this exciting CBDC journey, exploring a new and fascinating digital world and building products which will change the financial world in the future.

Jie Hou, Senior Data Engineer CBDC at G+D

Vishali Adusumilli, Embedded Software Developer at G+D

I appreciate the respect and acceptance of diversity in the Filia® team. I enjoy working with the experienced team, which helps in enhancing the knowledge and shares the responsibilities with  great trust and encourages new ideas and approaches.

Vishali Adusumilli, Embedded Software Developer at G+D

Youjin Kim, Product Manager at G+D

In the Filia® team, every day I feel more inspired and excited to work with brilliant and like-minded people. I constantly get to learn new knowledge and develop myself within my role

Youjin Kim, Product Manager at G+D

Open positions

Learn more about CBDC

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The G+D Filia® CBDC solution

G+D Filia® ensures that digital payments are accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime. It can be used through smartphones, smart cards, and other forms of digital and hardware wallets without the need for a bank account, the disclosure of private data, or consumer fees.