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Raw materials and consumables for banknote printing

We not only perform printing ourselves in-house, but also supply banknote and security printers worldwide with high-quality raw materials and consumables. Central banks also receive a special service: in the accelerated circulation simulation, we are able to precisely calculate the expected lifecycle of new banknotes.

Banknotes are high-tech products, but their lifecycle is limited. Their durability depends on use and environmental influences. Frequently used denominations are replaced once per year, while others are in use for several years until they are removed from circulation and replaced with new ones. Due to the variability of required quantities, reliable, anticipatory planning is required. With our tried-and-tested logistics and decades of experience, we can quickly supply banknote and security printers with all the materials they need.

Achieving quality through the interaction of premium components

Tested safety

We only use high-grade raw materials and consumables for our own production processes, meaning that the trade goods we deliver to banknote and security printers are of the same quality. Our suppliers are certified by us.

Everything from a single source

We organize and manage the entire flow of materials for customers – from the source of supply, all the way to the warehouse. We produce certain goods such as printing plates and screens ourselves in-house.

Lower costs

We order the raw materials and consumables in large volumes and pass on the economies of scale to our customers.

Short delivery times

We have worked with our suppliers to trim response times. We also have many goods and materials in storage ourselves. Continuous electronic order processing enables us to significantly reduce delivery times.

Consumable materials

All the materials from a single source

  • Replacement and wear parts
  • Laminating and stamping foils
  • Materials for passports: surface material and threads
  • Printing plates and screens
  • Printing chemicals, inks and paint
  • Lubricating oils, greases and filters

Post-print varnish TOPnote® for all substrates

TOPnote is a cost-efficient and sustainable protection against soiling as it increases the life span of your banknote significantly. This special varnish for all banknote substrates offers a straightforward method without any needed adaptation of processing machines. Billions of TOPnote varnished banknotes are already circulating in dozens of countries globally.

3D model of a banknote from which drops of water roll off

Excellent processability in the printing environment

  • Suitable for all varnishing machines
  • One for all – TOPnote can be used on any substrate, e.g. cotton, pre-coated cotton, composite substrates (Hybrid) or polymer substrates
  • Radical UV curing system for cost-efficient banknote production
  • Production under standard factory climate conditions; no specific humidity control required

Outstanding durability in the cash cycle

  • Soil, water and oil repellent protective varnish layer leading to significantly increased banknote life span and cleaner banknotes in circulation
  • Independent lab report from UGRA classified TOPnote as a highly durable varnish
  • TOPnote® E, one of the most widely used varnish in Europe
  • TOPnote varnished notes are used in more than 50 countries globally with more than 20 billion banknotes to date

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Delivering outstanding durability

Everything you need to know about our post-print varnish TOPnote®

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