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Solutions for destroying, suctioning and compacting banknotes

The destruction of banknotes requires highest security as well as efficiency and convenience. G+D is the leading provider of systems for professional banknote destruction. Offering a portfolio for various capacities, our systems destroy up to 1.5 tons per hour.

Whether destroying, suctioning, or compacting banknotes, maculation at printing plants, passports or other secure documents into briquettes – our systems are best-in-class solutions for security, profitability, and reliability.The broad range of options for shredder units, suction and compacting modules guarantee a matching solution. Additionally, we provide you with comprehensive advice: from situation analysis, through development, to a complete turnkey system – everything from a single source.

Benefits at a glance

  • Secure and efficient destruction of banknotes and security documents guaranteed to meet the highest global security standards
  • Low total cost of ownership due to made-to-last components. For Example, our knives have a lifetime of up to 8,000 hrs
  • Low-maintenance, self-cleaning filter systems
  • Complete removal of dust and particles from on-line and off-line shreds by suction
  • Volume reduction due to high-density briquetting
  • BDS® Control to accompany operations, control access and provide reporting
  • Low energy consumption and logistic synergies
  • 40 years of experience, 80+ countries, 450+ installations
View into the interior of a BDS® destruction system for destroying banknotes

Destruction: BDS® D systems

BDS® D (Destruction) systems shred large volumes of banknotes and security documents into very small pieces that cannot be put back together again. Access control procedures such as pin codes or fingerprint scans ensure security. Well-engineered shredder technologies guarantee maximum availability, even at very high levels of utilization. Offering a modular portfolio, G+D deliveres models for every throughput, starting at 25 kg up to more than 1,000 kg. By focussing on individual processes on the customer side we provide a cost-efficient solution for every stage of the destruction process from loading to dust-free briquetting.

Suction: BDS® SC systems

BDS® SC (Suction and Compacting) systems use suction to remove the shreds from banknote destruction units (D) and banknote processing systems (e.g. BPS® M7), and compress them into briquettes. Ingenious features such as automatic press lubrication and filter cleaning without compressed air mean the systems are exposed to very little wear and tear. The special presses compress briquettes to such an extent that disposal costs are significantly reduced.

Compact lump of shredded banknotes by BDS® SC systems
BDS® SB system from G+D for briquetting and filling banknote shreds

Briquetting and filling: BDS® SB systems

In some areas of application, briquetting is either not cost-efficient or technically not possible, for example with polymer banknotes. In these cases, SB (Suction and Bagging) systems are the ideal solution: they remove the shreds using suction and, depending on the volume, put them into sacks of up to 100 kg or into containers with a capacity of up to 2,000 kg.

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Banknote destruction

Key information on banknote destruction systems.

Additional Solutions


The DAG II shredder disposal unit can be connected to G+D systems for banknote processing that have a shredder unit , as for instance the BPS® M7. Two shredder sacks are filled alternately or in parallel, with shreds of 20,000 banknotes or 20 kg each.

BDS® Control

BDS® Control offers advanced and seamless reporting in banknote destruction at central banks, or the destruction of security-related documents at printing plants and public authorities. The reports are either printed out or made available in digital format for automatic or mechanical further processing.


The BanknoteCanceller punches configurable holes in banknote packages, thereby systematically canceling them. This is done so that banknotes which are no longer fit for circulation can be securely transported to the central bank for central destruction.

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