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Starting the journey with the G+D Filia® Sandbox

G+D offers an experimentation package designed to provide full comprehension of the technology. In order for public and private sector participants to understand CBDC and its impacts, we developed a platform that allows users to gain knowledge around the issuance, distribution, and management of CBDC. You can test the solution in a secure, scalable, and resilient environment. The sandbox comprises components that correspond to today’s cash cycle, enriched with features for the digital world.

Screenshot of the G+D Filia® Sandbox, an experimentation package designed to provide full comprehension of the technology

The first steps towards a CBDC

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1. Training program

Understand the fundamentals of CBDC, including benefits, security, privacy, programmability, and simulation, and find out more about G+D Filia®.

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2. Interactive workshops

A joint project team works interactively to discuss relevant topics, as well as shaping the design requirements and designing a pilot project

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3. Sandbox experimentation

Test the Filia® applications in a secure environment to simulate CBDC in real world payment scenarios

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4. Design paper

G+D drafts a design paper based on jointly defined specifications and unique characteristics of the national CBDC, providing an analysis of the CBDC eco-system and definition of local CBDC design.

Download brochure

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Start a tailored journey to a retail CBDC – our sandbox lets you test CBDC in a secure and interactive environment.

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G+D Filia®

G+D’s CBDC solution Filia® focuses on an approach that will ensure CBDC is secure and trusted, benefiting consumers, central banks, and commercial stakeholders.

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CBDC Simulation

A virtual environment that helps central banks understand the implications of launching a CBDC as a means of payment.

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