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Sophisticated modeling and simulation

One of the major roadblocks for many central banks is the uncertainty surrounding the implications of introducing a digital currency. Sophisticated and flexible modeling and simulation is required to ensure that the stability of the financial system is maintained. G+D has partnered with FNA (Financial Network Analytics) to provide unrivaled expertise in advanced analytics, modeling, and simulation technology.

Simulating the CBDC impact


Create a digital replica of the existing payment system and network


Evaluate alternative configurations to balance and determine risks and adoption


Build a common understanding across stakeholders


With a clear and realistic understanding of CBDC deployment, implementation can safely begin

By modelling the daily behavior of consumers and merchants, FNA simulates the adoption of a CBDC, the features of the economy, and other competing payment instruments. This type of (agent-based) modelling enables flexible and rich scenario analysis of how the rollout of a CBDC would affect the payment system and financial stability.

Benefits of CBDC Simulation

  • Test multiple scenarios and develop optimum CBDC configurations
  • Understand and measure potential risks across the entire financial system
  • Simulate stresses to the new and existing payment systems
  • Base simulations on historical data, specific research, synthetic data, and more, to provide the most valuable insights and predict payment behaviours
  • Provide clarity to all participants in payment system as to how a CBDC will affect their current payment processing
Screenshot of the CBDC Simulator with diagrams
Intuitive, point-and-click CBDC Simulation software, built in partnership with FNA. The cloud-based solution deploys agent-based modelling, enabling central banks to model the financial system as a collection of autonomous decision-making entities, called agents.

Unparalleled expertise

Digital Currency Award for Resilience at the Currency Research Awards in 2022 for G+D

Digital Currency Award for Resilience

The CBDC solution, developed by FNA and G+D, was awarded the Digital Currency Award for Resilience at the Currency Research Awards in 2022.

A luminous screen is reflected in the glasses of a man

Modeling the impact of CBDC

Central-bank-backed digital currencies are a whole new ballgame. They offer many benefits, yet their impact on the economy and the financial system is hard to predict.


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A banknote stylized from a network of digital dots and lines

G+D Filia®

G+D Filia® is our commitment to supporting central banks, commercial banks, fintechs, merchants, and other players in overcoming the roadblocks to CBDC.

Someone operates a smartphone with symbols for various currencies hovering above it

G+D Filia® Sandbox

A sandbox environment for central banks to test our CBDC solution securely, while allowing for customization and extensions according to individual needs and requirements. 

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