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Convego® Wood: reconnect your customers with nature across every generation

The organic and vibrant look, feel, scent, and touch of genuine wood build an emotional connection to nature for your customers, with immediate benefits to their well-being now and for future generations.

More and more, customers are looking to brands to offer products that fit in with their lifestyles and aesthetic sensibilities, searching for a connection to their values that makes sense for them and their families and loved ones. A product's look, feel, and sound can unlock emotional connections that, in turn, reaffirm and support a brand’s relationship with its customers. 

Leverage wood's unique, rich, and reassuringly authentic nature for your wooden payment card – with Convego® Wood from G+D.

The natural "ambassador" for your banking initiative

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The rich grain and subtle aroma of Convego® Wood, the wooden payment card, unlock a connection to nature for your customers, every time they pay. Banks can use this emotive link to encourage their customers to consider sustainability and the natural environment in their everyday lives, bolstering a broader connection to any potential nature-related initiatives the bank might choose to offer.

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Rich, sensory experiences

Launch a card that feels like wood through every sense – touch, feel, and smell.

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Supporting reforestation

Enable your customers to support tree-planting programs, enhancing their sustainability mindset and bringing positive social impacts.

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Growing social impacts

Your customers will share their experiences on social media with their friends and family – enhancing your brand in ever-widening circles.

Aesthetic, sensory appeal

82% of customers surveyed strongly agreed that wood is a beautiful, appealing material.

They particularly called out the “natural grain appearance” as compelling – meaning your wooden payment card will stand out in a crowded market.

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Convego® Wood: The wooden payment card harnessing the power of nature

A new kind of payment card has arrived, a wooden payment card – Convego® Wood by G+D. Hand your customers a touch of nature – rich timber hues and individual grains that make every card innately unique. Connecting your customers with nature. Due to the natural wood grain, every card is a one-off. Your cardholders – who’ve grown weary of plastic – will delight in owning a unique payment method.
The cards have an enticing aroma and feel that evokes the call of the outdoors – for a truly unique payments experience:

Engage with the senses

A wooden payment card with no plastic foil and a genuine connection to nature. The subtle aroma and texture of Convego® Wood cards evoke the environment every time your customer pays.

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Convego® Wood acts as a lifestyle product, offering a unique payment experience that your customers will associate with a like-minded nature-loving community – all with a pleasing touch of nature.

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Uniqueness at every tap

Every Convego® Wood card has a unique texture and pattern from the natural wood grain. The unforgettably unique appeal of a Wood card helps banks stand out against the competition.

person using a wooden payment card during payment process

Responsible consumption

The wood used in the Convego® Wood card is responsibly sourced and manufactured in Europe.

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The benefits of wood – mental and physical

Here are just some of the ways wooden materials have a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing:

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Relieves stress

Studies have shown a measured reduction in blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels.

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Unlocks creativity and self-expression

Various studies and education programs have reported that when exposed to wood on a regular basis, people report an increase in creativity and emotional expression.

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Reduces tension and fatigue

Researchers discovered that people who worked in rooms with a lot of wooden furniture and surfaces experienced less tension and fatigue than other colleagues.

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Spending just 120 minutes a week in nature can help improve our health and wellbeing.

Enriching your payment program with the power of community

Formed from responsibly sourced maple wood, the unique grain and whorls of the material make it the perfect representative of a nature-loving program for banks. 

For example, G+D’s eco-partner Patch make it easy for banks and financial institutions to appeal to climate-conscious consumers. With a global network of over 275 climate projects including reforestation, forest protection and regenerative agriculture, Patch and G+D make it easy for consumers to turn everyday spending into positive climate action. Customers can choose to apply credits accrued from everyday spending to a global range of REDD+ reforestation and forest protection projects:

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Encouraging reforestation

Earth’s forests naturally absorb 7.6 billion tonnes of CO2 per year, approximately one-and-a-half times the U.S.'s annual emissions.

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Safeguarding biodiversity

80% of terrestrial species live in forests, many of which are the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Preventing deforestation is critical to preserving biodiversity.

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Supporting local populations

1.6 billion people (including 60 million indigenous people) depend on forests. Revenues from REDD+ credits can provide crucial income to local communities managing the land.


G+D’s Convego® Wood delights the eye with its rich timber hues and individual grains, making every card unique. Wood is familiar and is prominent throughout everyday life, representing reliability in its strength and prosperity in its renewal. The intricate patterns of the grain and the delicate aroma of wood delight the senses and unlock a genuine connection with nature – every time they pay.

As an exciting new payment card, Convego® Wood has attracted significant interest and many customer questions. We’ve set out to answer some of the most popular questions our customers ask us:

Why is Convego® Wood innovative?
Is wood or plastic more ecological?
If planting trees is good for us, why do we cut trees to create a wood card?
How many cards can be made from one tree?
Why did we choose Maple trees as the source for Convego® Wood?
Does the card function in the same way as a plastic card?
Is Convego® Wood prone to damage in daily use?
Can I use the wood card in an ATM?
Will the card bend if I carry it in my wallet?
How unique is each wood card?

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