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Payment cards for every situation

Payment cards have existed for decades. Invented in 1950, they became especially popular in the mid-1990s. At about that time, the magnetic stripe started to be replaced by a microprocessor chip. The specification of the chip-based payment system was carried out by EMVCo, a company jointly created by Europay, Mastercard and Visa. Right now, roughly 70% of all payment cards worldwide are EMV® compliant, and the market is continuing to grow.

EMV® is a technical standard for communication between a chip card and terminal. It is used to process payment transactions. Named after its founders Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, it is the most secure and versatile payment card chip technology available in the industry.

We have a proven smart card market track record in developing EMV® solutions. To date, we have co-operated with more than 2,500 customers in the financial sector. In fact, in more than 50 countries around the world, we have implemented EMV® migration projects and developed related processes. This extensive experience makes us your ideal partner.

Manufacturing physical cards was only the start. EMV® standards made card-based online and smartcard mobile payments secure and convenient. Today, we offer full services, technology and products provided on a modular basis to fit precisely your smart card market requirements and budget.

In addition to the international EMV® standard, there are a range of national, regional and private specifications related to setting up payment systems to be used at the POS or in the internet. For example, in Germany there is the SECCOS standard, which is specified by the German Central Credit Card Committee (ZKA). 
The implementation of these kinds of payment systems always represents a significant effort. A third method for setting up a new payment system or upgrading an existing one is also available. It is a white label-based approach developed by the companies making up the White Label Alliance (WLA). It created a standards-based, member-defined set of specifications for contact and contactless payment. They are applicable to cards or mobile phones, as well as specifications for terminals.


Thanks to our many years of international experience in the smart card market, you can benefit from a wide range of advantages with our EMV® solutions:

  • Dynamic, combined and static authentication
  • Can be used as transit tickets, loyalty cards, and physical or digital access
  • Faster personalization for in-house and third-party card fulfilment
  • Faster chip performance during transaction – contact and contactless
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Standard personalization scripting based on EMV® Common Personalization Specifications
  • All configurations available: 6 PIN, 8 PIN, gold or palladium contact plates
  • Maximum backward compatibility

G+D EMV® services features are:

  • Fast and reliable migration service
  • Full implementation
  • Key and data management process
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Smart card configuration (EMV® keys and certificates)
  • Card personalization with secure logistics and fulfilment
  • PIN management and generation
  • Consulting on system integration, project management, and technology
  • Online portal providing information for production of cards and product lifecycle management
  • Configurable apps for highest data security

G+D services for EMV® Cards:

  • From delivering standard products to customer-specific smart card development
  • Applet development
  • Smart card and chip personalization
  • Bureau services
  • Instant issuance
  • Online portal
  • Technical support
  • Consulting
  • 50% faster to market – best in class personalization performance

Yes, we can — everywhere: customized and regional payment card products

We meet country-specific requirements, while meeting smart card market standards. We have decades of experience in countries all over the world. As a result, we understand how to meet specific market demands and customer requirements. Our payment products are based on chip platforms and operating systems. They are tailored to fit country-specific requirements. Here are a few examples of important national regulations and payment schemes that we support:

A woman with shopping bags pays contactless with her credit card

SECCOS® is an operating system, specified by the German Central Credit Card Committee (ZKA). It provides a multi-application platform for smart payment apps. Authorization on networks, legally binding electronic signatures, and all mobile channels can be operated by SECCOS® chip cards without any app-based development necessary.

We have also developed card products based on specifications set by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). They are used for contact, contactless, and dual-interface payment transactions.

We support licensed products in individual markets, such the ones listed below:

  • Advantis (formerly TIBC), is a multi-app operating system for payment cards in Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
  • Proton PRISMA supports a range of banking applications, including e-purse, and non-banking apps. The company also uses its know-how for customized applications, such as loyalty and access control.
  • MULTOS is a multi-app, open-standard operating system. It enables a smart card to carry a variety of applications. Its products are available in various versions such as SDA, DDA, dual-interface, and more.

White label approach

Using a white label solution for payment standards helps system creators take advantage of the benefits of having a system branded with its own label. At the same time, it avoids the challenges associated with setting up and building a completely new system, made in-house. Many businesses and industry sectors have a need for solutions with their own label or brand.

For example, payment services enhanced for customer loyalty are a source of growth in smart card markets. These include public transportation, gas stations, government, mobile network operators, domestic payment schemes, and many retailers.

For enhanced security, white label EMV® applications leverage the security and interoperability of EMV® specifications in the closed-loop space. Our white label payment solution extends beyond card manufacturing and personalization. We offer an end-to-end solution. It ranges from different types of cards and smart cards, to personalization, issuing and acquiring systems.

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We power independent payment schemes. And logically, we have introduced a White Label based payment approach we are introducing via this infographic.

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Read our white paper "Free your payments" about white label solutions for payment schemes and a new approach.

Press releases

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IDEMIA, G+D and NXP launch WLA to offer smart card and online payment firms an independent contactless payment standard

IDEMIA, G+D and NXP® Semiconductors have launched the White Label Alliance (WLA), which responds to growing global demand for next-generation, independent payment solutions for domestic and private-label payment brands.


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