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We provide world-class contactless ticketing products with services you need

The ever-growing number of passengers on urban transit networks is overwhelming operators in many cities and in many countries. Solutions to enable higher passenger throughput and to leverage the full capacity of the infrastructure is crucial. They can ensure smooth passenger flow in subways, busses, trolleys, and other transport means. The easy operation of ticketing is a factor that can make public transit more convenient, faster, and more attractive to users.

Today more than 50 million passengers use our transit cards and tickets daily. This success has made us one of the top three transit card suppliers worldwide. We have the experience and expertise to provide secure ticketing solutions to match your needs today and tomorrow.

Customer centricity is key.

Benefits for operators:

  • Demands regarding capacity, comfort, and security can be met simultaneously
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Potential new revenue streams
  • Easy set up
  • More efficient operations, faster passenger throughput
  • Implement secure, automatic fare collection
  • Make the entire ticketing offer appealing to cardholders by enabling transit operators to offer top-up services, loyalty, payment, etc.
  • Options for additional schemes and payment features
  • Prevent fraud and fare evasion
  • Avoid the myriad of technologies and high complexity. We support you in selecting the best future-proof solutions for your needs
  • Understand not just ticketing, but get insights into the entire mobility ecosystem, from connected cars to app economy
  • Meet changing expectations around mobile convenience

Benefits for cardholders:

  • Time-saving
  • Ease of use and convenience
  • Interesting additional schemes and services
  • Easier access
  • Durable cards
  • Simpler payment possibilities
  • Secure data protection on card

Our contactless card range provides secure, flexible, and speedy systems to simplify passenger lives

Our contactless cards are a clear win-win. Above all, passengers appreciate their reliability and convenience. Operators benefit from low operating costs and better fraud protection. Our contactless card services include initialization, personalization, distribution, and lettershop services. We provide full individualization to deliver exactly what you require.

We also cover all major global and regional technologies in convergence with all major payment standards and schemes, such as EMV®, AMEX, MasterCard, and several local payment schemes. Our implementation of today’s EMV® standards not only reduces card fraud. It also secures new revenue streams with contactless and mobile payments. We offer ongoing development, training, and highly responsive customer care to ensure top operational efficiency. We are your experienced and trusted partner of choice.

G+D – your trusted partner of choice

  • Broad range of products and technologies (global and local)
  • Integrated portfolio of software and services
  • Global support capabilities and local presence
  • An innovation-driven partner
  • Proven experience in the mobility market
  • A leader in secure personalization services
  • Established market presence


photo of holding a transit card with a train in the background
Convego® Recycled Transit Card

Convego® Beyond’s eco transit card enables transit firms, as well as other businesses to offer their customers cards with truly eco-innovative credentials.


MIFARE® cards

MIFARE is already at the heart of contactless infrastructures around the world. We offer public transport operators and system integrators a full range of proven and reliable products based on MIFARE technology. The solution is ideal for contactless applications such as transport ticketing, loyalty programs in retail, micropayment, event ticketing or limited-use ticketing, access control, and loyalty programs.

Our MIFARE card range can be customized to fit operator specifications and is easy to integrate. 

Benefits of MIFARE®:

  • Excellent reputation as the leading contactless solution
  • Mass-proven technology
  • Easy to set up for transit operators and integrators
  • Can be used in more than 40 different applications
MIFARE Classic® card from G+D for public transportation operators

MIFARE Classic®

MIFARE Classic® was the pioneer of contactless smart cards for public transport, access management, employee cards, and campus use. It has been the most widely used card and still has broad acceptance around the world. As security needs constantly increase, we provide additional MIFARE® technologies.

MIFARE Plus® card from G+D for public transportation operators


MIFARE Plus® brings additional security and data protection in contactless smart cards, making it ideal for public transport, toll systems, and loyalty schemes. Transit operators can benefit from a seamless upgrade of existing MIFARE Classic® installations and services with minimum effort. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is state-of-the-art and widely used in various smart card applications.

MIFARE DESFire® card from G+D for public transport operators


MIFARE DESFire® is popular with public transport operators worldwide because it is easy to implement while providing a high level of security. Equipped with a powerful and highly secure microprocessor, MIFARE DESFire® meets exacting needs. It is excellent not only for demanding public transport systems, but also applications such as contactless fare payment.

A businessman holds a card in his hand to gain access

Calypso cards

Calypso is a versatile and respected technology option for contactless ticketing. Based on ISO 14443, it offers a standardized solution for numerous applications. It is cost-efficient and easily upgradable to accommodate advances in technology. This contactless international standard was designed by major transport operators and has been used around the world for over 20 years. It is a mandatory functionality for specific markets, e.g., France, Belgium, Israel, Canada, Portugal, Italy. We also offer Calypso technology within our versatile ticketing card solutions, including microprocessor dual-interface or contactless-only smart cards. The Calypso fare media can also be used on USB tokens, key fobs, NFC-enabled mobile phones, or JAVA contactless cards. This ticketing standard is a contactless technology for fast and safe transactions between readers and fare media.

Two bracelets with the inscriptions Mastercard and StarSign Band


We offer a wristband with the same functionality as our contactless MIFARE® card. It provides a seamless user experience offering hands free access through public transport gates. The design is customizable, available in various colors and co-branding with partners. In addition, use cases, e.g., for events and concerts are possible.

We provide full and flexible services for all business models

We work closely with operators to make sure they get the ticketing solutions that exactly fit their needs. From system integration to consulting, our services ensure the quickest and easiest possible implementation and go far beyond the mere card. We also offer customizable card production for greater security needs (materials, finishes, etc.).

Overview of our services offering:

  • Initialization: chip check and chip ID approval
  • Logistics: intelligent warehousing for secure card delivery to end-user
  • Personalization: high-value season and annual tickets can be optically personalized with passenger ID, name, photo etc.
  • Lettershop: personalized customer letter sent out with the personalized card
  • Distribution: distributing cards to point of sale (PoS) and stocking automated machines
  • Consulting: we work together with you at an early stage to ensure that appropriate products and card bodies are chosen and lead to professional project management throughout deployment

Our expertise in the field makes us your outstanding partner. We can identify key technologies that will help meet the challenges of the future. Our common goals are to increase efficiency and throughput while optimizing costs and reducing cash handling. Importantly, we enable secure and seamless mobility.

We’ve supplied over 150 million contactless cards and tickets for transit customers worldwide in just the last three years. G+D is among the top 3 global suppliers of transit cards.

Here are just some of our many projects: 
  • Lufthansa, Germany: G+D delivered the very first commercial contactless card worldwide in 1995. MIFARE 1K for Lufthansa Ticketless Travel Program
  • Beijing Public Transit (BMAC), China: Full transit smart-card program for bus, metro, and taxis since 2003 in both ID-card and alternative token formats (Crystal card)
  • Wuhan City, China: Contract for contactless Crystal Card delivery for Wuhan City All-in-One Card widely used in public transit, such as bus, metro, ferry
  • Queensland Public Transport Department (QLD), Melbourne, Australia: Contract to deliver MIFARE® DESFire smart cards for transit
  • Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA), USA: Multi-year contract to deliver MIFARE® Plus contactless cards for transit
  • Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PATH), USA: Multi-year contract for MIFARE® DESFire contactless transit cards
  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), USA: Multi-year contract with monthly MIFARE® Classic 1K card deliveries


Cover of brochure about smart contactless ticketing

Smart contactless ticketing

Convenience and speed: We offer world-class products with services to cover your individual needs.

Make your transit cards ready for a cleaner, greener future

With Convego® Recycled, Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) offers transit authorities another piece of the green puzzle: a fully recycled option for transit passes and tickets. The Eco Transitcard repurposes 100% discarded PVC to make a recycled card, alleviating the waste burden on our planet and making our cities greener and more pleasant places to live.

Enabling public transport for a digitized future by catering to the needs of cities worldwide

Understanding requirements, opportunities and consumer needs is essential for transit authorities. We enable transit operators and authorities to put consumer experience first. We provide secure, flexible, and mobile solutions to simplify passenger lives and to adapt to changing consumer lifestyles.

Two young people standing in front of a train station operating a smartphone

Mobile ticketing – we bring contactless ticketing to the next level

Our mobile ticketing platform offers full integration and secure managed services so commuters can use their mobile as a contactless transport ticket. Their transit pass can be securely stored in a digital format on their mobile phone and easily topped up anytime, anywhere.

A businessman pays contactless with his credit card in a restaurant

Welcome to the one-stop EMV® shop

EMV® is the most secure and versatile payment card chip-technology pioneered by Europay, Mastercard and Visa. We have a proven track record in developing EMV® solutions and we offer full services and products on a modular basis to match your exact technical requirements and budgets.

A woman pays for her purchases in a clothing store with her smartwatch

Payment made easy: wearables you can trust

The definition of “wearable technology” changes almost daily as new use cases for payment on the go evolves. Smartwatches, clothing, fitness trackers, jewelry: using these gadgets to pay was unheard of just a couple of years ago. Now they are commodity, and customers expect convenient and fashionable ways to pay.


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