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Mobile World Congress 2020: G+D Mobile Security presents holistic connectivity solutions for the IoT ecosystem

06/02/2020 Munich Giesecke+Devrient

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 in Barcelona, G+D Mobile Security demonstrates how connectivity challenges of the 5G era can be overcome in the IoT and payment ecosystem.

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly and this growth will receive a further strong boost from the increasing implementations of 5G. In the "Massive IoT" of the near future, billions of devices, machines and systems will be connected. Linking, identifying and protecting them efficiently will be one of the central challenges of the entire IoT ecosystem.

At the Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona, G+D Mobile Security will demonstrate how this challenge can be tackled. The company's holistic solution for IoT security and connectivity enables mobile operators, manufacturers of consumer and industrial goods or the automotive industry to easily manage and extensively secure the connectivity of their IoT products. This gives control over connectivity and permits them to protect the data on the IoT endpoints at any time: on the transport route and during the processing in the cloud.

At the MWC 2020, G+D Mobile Security shows

  • the company's innovative and highly secure operating system for embedded secure elements (eSE). It turns a mobile device into a reliable Root of Trust to enable connectivity and end-to-end security from the edge to the core. It is already used by premium device providers worldwide and has been further developed by G+D Mobile Security for the endpoints of Industrial IoT;
  • how our award-winning and GSMA-compliant solution for eSIM management empowers players in the IoT ecosystem to connect devices, protect the data and enable analytics services.
  • flexible connectivity solutions with pre-activated and initial, global mobile network subscriptions (bootstrap) including their complete lifecycle management. This allows small and medium-sized companies in particular to bring connected IoT-solutions to the market quickly and easily.

Create payment products that remain "Top of Wallet”

A second focal point of G+D's trade fair presentation at the MWC 2020 is the topic of payment. Nowadays, consumers expect a frictionless experience when using financial services. In Barcelona, the payment experts from G+D will demonstrate how financial service providers can offer their customers an all-around pleasant while secure user experience. Additionally, they will explain how to ease the activation of payment products, how to boost their usage and make them "Top of Wallet" and how to protect user identities in a simple way.

G+D's solutions enable financial service providers to offer innovative payment services that combine maximum security with an optimal customer experience - thus opening up new revenue opportunities. End users receive simple and convenient, yet secure interfaces; financial service providers a trustworthy, sustainable and scalable basis with which they can simplify and reliably shape their ecosystem.

G+D Mobile Security at the Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona: February 24 to 27, Hall 7, Stand 7A41.

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