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New partner for identification platform Verimi

11/12/2017 Berlin Giesecke+Devrient

• Giesecke+Devrient becomes new shareholder • Pre-version of product tested in piloting phase • Shareholder agreement signed in Berlin

Berlin, 11.12.2017. The new European identification, registration and data platform
Verimi welcomes further support: Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), world market leader
for the validation of payment transactions, identification, connectivity and data
becomes a new shareholder. Donata Hopfen, CEO of Verimi, said: “With
Giesecke+Devrient we are happy to welcome a new partner on board that brings a
high level of expertise in the areas of payment transactions and security
technologies.” Only in August, the Bundesdruckerei, Deutsche Lufthansa, and
Deutsche Telekom had joined as new shareholders.

“Customers making a payment transaction or identifying themselves want to trust
the security of technology and data. However there is still no secure and
transparent standard available,” says G+D CEO Ralf Wintergerst. “As a leading
provider of security technology, we are happy to add our expertise to close this gap
together with Verimi.”

Giesecke+Devrient will become the tenth shareholder of Verimi. The others include
Allianz, Axel Springer, Bundesdruckerei, Core, Daimler, Deutsche Bank with
Postbank, Deutsche Telekom, HERE Technologies and Lufthansa. The joining of G+D
is subject to the acceptance from the committees and the competent antitrust

The new shareholder will be announced today at an event in Berlin, where leading
executives from all partners will meet to sign the shareholder agreement.

Christian Sewing, President of Deutsche Bank: “Through its online identification and
payments services, Verimi provides a great opportunity for all companies involved
to be relevant for their clients on a day-to-day basis. Following our launch in
Germany we have plans to rapidly add new partners across Europe.”

Donata Hopfen said: “This is a very special day for us. With the final signing of the
agreements, we are getting a big step closer to realizing the vision of a European
and open identity platform across multiple industries.”

The growing pool of shareholders from internationally leading companies shows
that the Verimi idea of offering an alternative to the big platform economies
resonates very well. In spring 2018 the company will go to market with its first
product, the so-called Single-Sign-On (register once centrally, log in everywhere).
From the start, Verimi will adopt the requirements of the EU data protection
regulation (GDPR) and support the ePrivacy Regulation with the most advanced
technology. In Germany, the platform will be the first one capable to integrate the
electronic ID-card along with the citizen account functionalities. To enable this, the
company is currently in close cooperation with the relevant authorities.

After Verimi conducted a series of hackathons on the connection of the software
interfaces, the company has been running a first piloting phase with a usability test
of a pre-version of the product since early December. Within a closed user group,
the user experience is being tested. Participants of this test are, for example,
Deutsche Bank, Bundesliga football club Eintracht Frankfurt as well as start-ups such
as the successful Fin-Tech company Weltsparen. Further tests will follow prior to
the market launch.

About Verimi:
The Verimi GmbH is the new European cross-industry identification, registration and data platform.
Verimi combines a convenient and central log-in (single sign-on) with highest security and privacy
standards under European law (GDPR, LoA 1-4) and the user’s self-determination about the usage of
their personal data (opt-in).

Verimi was founded in May 2017. The platform is supported by a broad alliance of international
companies and sees itself as European answer to the big American and Chinese platform providers.
Partners include Allianz, Axel Springer, Bundesdruckerei, Core, Daimler, Deutsche Bank with
Postbank, Deutsche Telekom, Here Technologies as well as Lufthansa. The launch is scheduled for
spring 2018.

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Members of the European identity, registration and data platform Verimi data platform take a selfie together
Green light for green button: Today in Berlin the ten Verimi shareholders Allianz, Axel Springer, Bundesdruckerei, Core, Daimler, Deutsche Bank with Postbank, Deutsche Telekom, Giesecke+Devrient, Here Technologies as well as Lufthansa officially signed the joint venture contracts. The new European log-in, identification and data platform now has more than 50 million Euros in initial funding at its disposal.

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