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NTT DOCOMO uses G+D’s geo-redundant AirOn platform for highest reliable eSIM services

28/04/2021 Munich Giesecke+Devrient

Telecommunications provider NTT DOCOMO has decided to upgrade the eSIM management platform AirOn from international technology group Giesecke+Devrient (G+D). The latest version of the platform offers exceptional reliability through geo-redundancy.

Japan's leading mobile operator NTT DOCOMO has opted to use the latest version of the eSIM management platform AirOn moving forward. One of the highlights of the platform is geo-redundancy, which provides full resilience for eSIM services and manages the increasing number of eSIM transactions. The solution is fully connected to NTT DOCOMO’s back-end system. Reinforced service availability for the booming eSIM market was one of the main reasons for NTT DOCOMO’s upgrade to a geo-redundant solution.

G+D ensures geo-redundancy by providing interlinked eSIM services at different locations and various data centers. In case of any kind of major issues, all transactions are automatically relocated so that a service is never interrupted.

G+D's eSIM management service AirOn supports secure lifecycle management of eSIMs. The platform adheres with the remote provisioning specifications of SIM data as defined by the GSMA. Specifically, G+D’s eSIM management securely and seamlessly handles essential business processes, such as onboarding customers or devices to the NTT DOCOMO network.

Hosted by G+D, the solution enables users of mobile devices equipped with eSIM technology to download the SIM profiles required to activate the service securely and easily over the air. NTT DOCOMO can then use AirOn to efficiently set up its customers' mobile devices and manage them within its network.

eSIM technology, which equips mobile devices with an embedded SIM chip, offers consumers numerous advantages. When signing a new contract, they no longer have to order physical SIM cards and insert them into their smartphones. eSIM management technology also allows multiple profiles to be loaded onto one SIM, so that users can use one phone number for business calls and another phone number for private calls.

Besides mobile consumer devices such as tablets or smartphones, the solution is also used for secure and efficient deployment and remote management of enterprise IoT devices. It also allows for IoT environments to be scaled seamlessly, as new systems can be immediately configured and connected via the mobile network.

"We have had success while working with G+D in the past, and have chosen G+D again because we believe the company has a unique selling point in the market with its geo-redundant solution," explains Ryuji Nagata, Product Innovation & Department at NTT DOCOMO. "With the new agreement and solution, we can now ensure first-class service availability to meet our high standards as a network operator. This allows us to be ready for the mass eSIM market in several market areas."

"The eSIM market continues to grow dynamically and eSIM services are of vital importance for mobile network providers worldwide. In order to meet the increasing demand for flexible and global coverage, eSIMs play an essential role in the future. Now that we have reaffirmed our leadership in innovation in the eSIM market with the geo-redundant platform, we are certain to further strengthen our market position," emphasizes Bernd Müller, Global Vice President, Head of Technology, Solutions and Strategy, Trusted Connected Devices at Giesecke+Devrient. "We are thrilled that NTT DOCOMO has chosen our market-leading eSIM management solution AirOn and has decided to upgrade the existing service, which highlights the trusted relationship G+D has with NTT DOCOMO."

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