Managing identities in a connected world

With billions of new endpoints joining the connected society, the rules of business are changing. Consumers are buying wholesale into the new digital way of life. As a result, companies able to satisfy their demand for quick, convenient, and smart services are those best positioned for success.

Cyber security is crucial to your digital transformation

The connected society requires you to properly and reliably manage and protect user and device identities at all times. Decades of experience make G+D Mobile Security the perfect partner for businesses that want to concentrate on what they do best – you deliver the best products, services, and experiences possible, while we see to it that the identities and data of your customers are secure at all times.

Strong identity management is an ongoing journey
Whatever sector you’re in, we help you deal with the huge numbers of users, devices, and machines involved, and as demand for ubiquity, speed, and convenience grows, so do our solutions. We cover every step of your identity journey. We make sure your digital transformation is as seamless and secure as it can be.

The industries we serve

Financial institutions

Securing identities, physically and virtually, in every step of the user journey – from customer sign-up to provisioning and account management. Creating trust and building relationship.

  Find out more on our scalable and secure solutions for financial institutions

Connectivity service providers

The digital age is built on the ubiquitous connectivity you provide as your core service. Our SIM management and security solutions keep connectivity efficient and flexible, and shut out cybercrime. Our managed services help you generate additional revenues.

  Explore G+D solutions for connectivity service providers

Device makers

People around the world increasingly rely on mobile technologies in their everyday lives. This creates enormous potential for manufacturers of connected consumer devices. We help you turn the challenges ahead into opportunities.

  Discover how we can help you succeed with your connected devices and services


We cover all facets of secure identity management, enabling you to manage millions of connected cars and identities – securely and effectively.

  Explore our cyber security solutions for automotive


As manufacturers and machine builders turn to connected manufacturing and smart factories, we enable them with secure remote access, proactive service monitoring, machine data analysis, and more.

  Explore our Industrial IoT solutions for manufacturing

Enterprise security

Our scalable security solutions protect the integrity of valuable assets, enable compliance with industry regulations, and help you nurture the trust of customers in your brand.

  We help you keep your enterprise secure

Public sector

Improving IT processes to save time and cost, and enhance customer experiences of citizens and patients, is a key concern of government and healthcare officials. We enable your digitization journey.

  Explore secure solutions for the public sector


Rising mobility demands put operators and authorities under enormous pressure. Our smart ticketing solutions help you increase efficiency and throughput while lowering both cost and cash handling.

  Find out how our transit solutions help increase throughput

Our solutions

Secure elements

Whether a bank card, mobile network SIM card, transit card, ID card or M2M module, secure elements by G+D keep your customers’ credentials and organization safe.

  Find out more about digital vaults by G+D

Professional services

To make sure you get exactly what you need before you need it, our specialists work closely with you every step of the way. G+D has the know-how and experience to bring our customers peace of mind.

  Find out how G+D supports you, so you can focus on your business

Platforms and software

G+D offers highly secure, flexible platform solutions that allow users to easily build and deploy services and solutions and to manage them in real time.

  Discover G+D’s fast, scalable, and secure platforms

End-to-end solutions

In a landscape increasingly dominated by IoT, success will depend not only on delivering more and better services but also on ensuring security. G+D’s end-to-end solutions enables you to do just that.

  Browse end-to-end solutions

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Trends + Insights

Managing cyber risks is a key challenge of digitization

In the morning of May 12th 2017, the WannaCry ransomware attack struck. The first victims were the UK's National Health Service (NHS) and Telefónica, the largest telecom company in Spain.

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The future of payments – How we will pay in 2025

Over the next few years, cash payments are expected to continue to decrease due to both the growing number and the efficiency of alternative payment methods.

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News highlights

G+D Mobile Security Powers ORANGE eSIM Service for Consumer Devices Market across its affiliates

Press Release | 19/12/2018  München
Leader in eSIM Management technology, G+D Mobile Security has worked closely with Orange to implement services that will allow them to digitally transform the customer journey and experience. G+D Mobile Security’s eSIM management platform provides Orange customers with secure, seamless and on-demand connectivity throughout the lifecycle of their devices.

  Read more

Transatel and G+D sign with Scania to provide trucks with machine-to-machine connectivity worldwide

Press Release | 03/12/2018  München
Transatel and Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security (G+D) are making public their partnership to enable Scania’s embedded telematics units with global connectivity. Scania already provides its customers with a telematics service but is now going one step further, as it is looking to deploy worldwide. In this context, Scania needed a fully eUICC-compliant solution (provided by G+D), supported by a global, flexible and secure technical platform (provided by Transatel). Transatel will offer Scania their competitive data prices worldwide, as well their core value proposition for all IoT players: a one-time integration for a global deployment

  Read more

Swatch announces SwatchPay! using secure mobile payment technology by G+D Mobile Security

Press Release | January 17, 2019 Munich and Zurich
Munich and Zurich, January 17, 2019 – Today, Swatch announces a new series of watches in the traditional stylish design that are enabled for convenient contactless payment. This innovative approach combines iconic Swatch design with a mobile payment feature that uses Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security`s wearable enablement platform and wearable app as well as an embedded secure element to ensure the security of data and payment transactions.

  Read more

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The digital world creates exciting opportunities. Find out how G+D Mobile Security ensures consumers, IoT identities, and data remain secure across industries.

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