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Our Social pillar focusses on our 11,800 employees. Diversity plays a central role in our group-wide strategy. We are also equally committed to the health and safety of our employees.

In addition, through a wide range of training offerings we promote individual development and collaboration in our global company. Moreover, with the G+D Foundation we also make an important societal contribution focused on arts, culture and education.

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Diversity and equal opportunities

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We have a multidimensional understanding of diversity that not only takes into account differences in terms of gender and gender identity, age, cultural and social background, but also diversity of thinking. We are committed to the German Diversity Charter and have established a group-wide diversity working group to further expand our efforts.

Our goals:

We will significantly increase the share of women in management positions by 2025. By 2025, if there are more than three management positions on both Group and Subgroup Boards, at least one of these positions must be filled by a woman. With respect to executive-level management, we want to increase the proportion of female managers to 15 percent by 2025 and to 20 percent by 2030. Beyond that, the percentage of female participants, regardless of the participation rate in the programs to date, is to be increased by ten percent. One goal has already been achieved: G+D’s supervisory board satisfies the statutory requirement that at least 30 percent of its members should be women.

Lifelong learning and development

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Our group-wide Learning Management System allows us to to provide uniform training and education on globally relevant topics across all our locations and also to track participation figures for training sessions on a global basis in a centralized system.. We continuously analyze which competencies are key for our employees and adjust our further training offering accordingly. We focus on promoting and strengthening talented individuals in the company worldwide, for example through our global management programs, intragroup networks, and dialogue across countries and sectors.

Our goals:

We have set specific learning and development goals for 2022/23. By 2023, we want to expand, improve, and measure our progress in life-long learning and development opportunities at G+D. Specifically, our goals are:

  • to have our employees complete a minimum number of training units per year.
  • to continuously evaluate and refine our catalogue of training units.
  • to use the Learning Management System to provide across-the-board oversight and documentation of participation in mandatory training sessions.
  • to employ our global talent programs in the targeted development of staff and for succession planning and to link this with local talent development programs.
  • to have all G+D locations worldwide able to nominate employees for our global talent programs.
  • to make staff development and advancement transparent. In doing so, we will give particular attention to diversity.

By 2023, we will institute annual talent reviews for all employees worldwide.

Health and safety

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Safeguarding the health and safety of our employees is very important to us. We have a workplace health and safety management system in place in all relevant locations worldwide.. Alongside numerous other topics, our training program has a special focus on physical and mental health. We promote work-life balance by offering flexible working time models with no core working hours, no mandatory minimum attendance hours, and no maximum limit on monthly leave, as well as through mobile work options. Our stage-of-life HR policy in Germany has undergone external assessment by the berufundfamilie audit – which we strive to keep at the highest level of certification.

Our goals:

Our ambition is “zero health and safety incidents”. In addition, by 2023 we want all our employees to be covered by a certified or certifiable health and safety management system. This goal covers all operational sites with more than 50 employees.

Societal Engagement

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