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The social component of ESG focuses on our workforce of more than 12,000 people worldwide. Diversity, equity and inclusion are top priorities. However, we are just as committed to their health and safety.

In addition, through a wide range of training offerings we promote individual development and collaboration in our global company. Moreover, with the G+D Foundation we also make an important societal contribution focused on arts, culture and education.

Infographic on our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals #3, #4, #5 and #10

Diversity and equal opportunities

We have a multidimensional understanding of diversity that not only takes into account differences in terms of gender and gender identity, age, cultural and social background, but also "diversity of thinking". 

G+D Guiding Principles

As a globally operating company, tolerance and cosmopolitanism are elementary for us. We are committed to the "Diversity Charter" employer initiative and support the "Sustainable Development Goals" set by the UN Global Compact. We are also convinced that equal opportunities and the consideration of different perspectives create increased innovative strength, competitiveness and productivity. These Guiding Principles reflect our attitude to diversity and is the foundation of our global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)-Policy.

Our goals:

In our specific targets, we have focused initially on gender-related aspects.

We intend to significantly increase the proportion of women in leadership positions by 2025. If there are more than three senior management positions in a company or unit, at least one of these positions will be staffed with a woman. For global executive management, we have set ourselves the goal of gradually increasing the proportion of women to at least 15 percent by 2025 and to at least 20 percent by 2030. Worldwide, the gender balance in line management should, at the local level, at least correspond to the structure of the workforce locally by 2030. In our Group-wide talent program, we are aiming for a female quota of at least 40 percent. When making appointments to our Supervisory Board, we make sure that we comply with legal requirements at the very least. The proportion of women on the Supervisory Board is currently 42 %.

Lifelong learning and development

Our group-wide Learning Management System allows us to to provide uniform training and education on globally relevant topics across all our locations and also to track participation figures for training sessions on a global basis in a centralized system.. We continuously analyze which competencies are key for our employees and adjust our further training offering accordingly. We focus on promoting and strengthening talented individuals in the company worldwide, for example through our global management programs, intragroup networks, and dialogue across countries and sectors.

Our goals:

  • To ensure 80 % of our employees worldwide participate in at least 3 training activities per year until 2025; these can be training courses, e-learning sessions, conference attendance, coaching, or mentoring.
  • To leverage our global talent programs for targeted development of staff and for succession planning and to link this with local talent development programs. 
  • To make staff development and advancement transparent. We pay particular attention to diversity, and especially to supporting women and international candidates. 
  • To introduce people reviews for all G+D employees worldwide, beginning in 2023.

Health and safety at work

The health and safety of our employees is an absolute priority for G+D. We take responsibility for our people every day and are committed to preventing workplace accidents and work-related illness. Our aim is to preserve the health and fitness of all employees over the long term. We demonstrated this particularly clearly in the measures we adopted to tackle the pandemic. Health is a non-negotiable element in all business decisions. 

G+D has achieved a high level of success in occupational health and safety, with a consistently low number of accidents in recent years. We are nonetheless continuously working to further improve occupational health and safety conditions.

Our goals:

Our long-term ambition is to reduce work-related injuries and illness to zero and to help our employees lead a healthy life. We prioritize action that is designed to prevent hazards arising in the first place. This includes systematically introducing long-term measures to address identified risks. Our goal is for all our production and operational sites with more than 50 employees to be certified under ISO 45001 or brought to a certifiable standard by 2030.

Societal Engagement

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