SeriTrack – The Complete Package for Global Pharma Serialization

SeriTrack enables our customers to implement their serialization management cost-efficiently and in compliance with international regulations. The solution can be easily and securely integrated into all production processes, so pharmaceutical manufacturers and packers can be sure of meeting the global labeling requirements that are expected to be introduced.

Reliable serialization systems will, in the near future, contribute to the sustainable prevention of trade in illegal medicinal products. The task currently at hand is to choose the right system – one that covers all requirements, integrates easily into existing production and packaging processes, complies with international regulations, and will continue to grow with future requirements and technologies. The SeriTrack system offers all of this.

Our solution for the creation and management of encrypted serial codes handles even enormous quantities of data with absolute reliability. In addition, its impact on standard processes is minimal, meaning they can be easily revalidated. SeriTrack fills the gap between line control and corporate data processing, ensuring legally compliant reporting to national public authorities. Information is collected from the aggregation levels of the supply chain using EPCIS-compliant coding. Users can be confident that their global supply chain is traceable, transparent and secure.

SeriTrack represents a cost-efficient investment with long-term security. The modular system runs on cost-efficient standard hardware and is quickly and flexibly adapted to changing requirements, interfaces and data models.

The main benefits of SeriTrack at a glance

  • Compliant. SeriTrack meets the requirements specified by the European consortium securPharm e.V., and by countries such as China. The software solution is compatible with EPCIS and GS1 standards. It is regularly adapted to meet changing regulations for the creation of encrypted codes and reports.

  • Cost-efficient. The investment costs for SeriTrack are manageable as the solution can be used on standard hardware and no expensive license fees apply.

  • Adaptable. The use of high-performing NoSQL database technologies makes the solution both quick and easily scalable. It can be operated on any standard browser, with no location restrictions. It can also be operated on mobile devices such as smartphones on request.

  • Secure. Freely configurable rights and roles management combined with an absolutely secure serial number generator protect the codes and records from manipulation.

Mobile Access

Order control, production, packaging and order picking: Users with various tasks and requirements access software for serialization management day after day. Their workplaces may be distributed worldwide, particularly if contract packers are involved in the production process. This is no problem for SeriTrack as the solution is entirely web-based. This means that to use the solution, authorized users only need a smart device with a standard browser and a connection to the internet. Access is easy, but secure.

SeriTrack at L-A-W

Solution implemented for global pharmacy serialization

Initial tests and a customer connection show that this solution works reliably, and can be implemented with a reasonable investment.



SeriTrack – Integrated Serialization Management


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