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We enable secure physical, electronic and digital payment

When it comes to payment, people have a greater freedom of choice than ever before. Consumers can pay in physical, electronic and digital form. Across all these payment forms, G+D enables secure and convenient transactions. Alongside an increasingly globalized economy and a growing world population, there is an expanding market for public currencies as well as private payment methods. Accordingly, all payment forms are on the rise globally in absolute terms. Furthermore, innovative technology enables new opportunities in the payment ecosystem – G+D has been driving this innovation for 170 years.

Consumers experience transformation in many areas, and Covid has strongly disrupted our world. But cash is still the most widely used payment method in the world and people continue to rely on this form of payment. With more than 600 billion banknotes currently in circulation, cash payment is the essential foundation of a stable currency system. Also, cash in circulation is growing worldwide and consumers use it more frequently for store of value. 

As a complement to its physical appearance, cash will soon also be available in digital form as a legal tender and trustworthy means of payment. Central bank digital currency (CBDC) unites the benefits of cash with the convenience of the digital world and promises greater financial inclusion. More than 100 central banks are already working on a central bank digital currency.

The number of electronic transactions is also increasing rapidly, doubling worldwide between 2015 and 2021, with cards being the fastest growing payment method. Payment cards also serve as the backbone for many digital forms of payment that have become part of everyday life for billions of people. Here also, the physical and digital world grow together: A new “phygital” approach is driven by the efforts of banks and financial services providers to offer their customers a seamless blend of online and offline services. To adapt to the different customer preferences, the banking world needs to combine physical and digital services into new, phygital services in order to provide the best user experience.  

Across all forms of payments, consumers expect easy transactions, great usability and high security. Therefore, for physical, electronic and digital payment, one thing is essential: Innovation and security belong inseparably together when it comes to engineering trust in payment.

What sets us apart

As a global technology specialist, G+D is the only company offering a holistic portfolio for both public currencies and commercial payment methods, including a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), as well as electronic and digital payment solutions. Our solutions are trusted by 145 central banks, all major payment schemes and many commercial banks worldwide. Our investments in digital specialist companies as well as our partnerships with exciting startups enable our clients’ access to a unique broad offering.

To date, we have designed and printed 160 billion banknotes for countries around the world. Globally, we have delivered more than 67,000 banknote processing machines. More than 500 million consumers receive their payment cards made by G+D each year.

Our offering

With our comprehensive offering in public currency, we provide physical and digital cash solutions. Our portfolio comprises banknote solutions, currency management solutions and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). In the private sector, we facilitate and secure electronic and digital payment transactions, with our solutions for smart cards, issuance services and digital payment solutions.

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As a public good accessible to everyone, cash ensures stable currency systems. Our Advanced Currency Management offering provides end-to-end solutions, products, technologies and services for the entire currency cycle.

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Central bank digital currency (CBDC) provides a public form of paying and storing values digitally. We are here to build CBDC solutions – one that supports all players in the payment industry.

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Card payments

With our innovative solutions and customized services, banks turn the payment card into powerful brand channels and customer touchpoints. Leveraging our global reach and multifaceted experience, we offer personalized payment cards enhanced by mobile and online services to future-proof the card payment value stream for retail banks, neobanks and fintechs alike. With our solutions banks assume leading position with respect to new consumer trends such as the focus on sustainability and personalization.

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Digital payments

As consumers take their payments mobile and online, banks, acquirers and merchants alike face the challenge of creating intuitive and engaging consumer experience combined with always up to date security. With passion for paytech and proven global experience, across use cases such as digital wallet, tokenization, authentication and e-commerce checkout security, we take the complexity out of providing digital payment services, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

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