G+D sustainable credit cards: Convego Natural, Convego Parley Ocean and Convego Recycled

Convego® Beyond: eco-innovative payment solutions

Environmentalists, scientists, and leaders across the world agree that climate change is the most critical challenge we face as species in the coming years and decades. Preserving the environment is a formidable call to action that requires ongoing efforts from every segment of society such as manufacturers, politicians, journalists, and consumers. Even though the situation is dire, there is, however, reason for optimism. We have confidence that consumers can and will make significant eco-sensitive changes to their lifestyles to preserve the planet. Our company is also committed to persistent social responsibility.

Our solid and continuing commitment includes

  • Eco-innovative materials for more sustainable payment cards
  • Paperless, digital, and streamlined card issuance processes for a more efficient, secure, and eco-friendly user experience
  • Expertise and advisory to help you design end-of-life solutions for payment cards

Convego® Beyond in 3 minutes


We are at a critical point. Since the Paris Agreement on climate change was signed in 2016, over 15 billion new payment cards have entered our ecosystem. Convego Beyond helps issuers develop a truly eco-conscious payment card strategy, with a unique offering of eco-innovative payment products, services and partnerships. Whether in production, fulfilment or recycling stages, our efforts to become even more eco-friendly is an indispensable journey. It is a collaboration with financial institutions, our clients and partners who share our values and our courage to go beyond the status quo.

Our partnership with G+D brings our Convego® Parley Ocean Card to millions of new users to serve as an everyday reminder, that every single one of us has the power to change the world. By voting with our wallet. Purchase by purchase.

Cyrill Gutsch, CEO and Founder of Parley for the Oceans

Environmental responsibility in payment solutions

The adverse changes in our environment due to unacceptable human intervention are some of the most difficult challenges we will face as species in the coming years. But the global COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that in responding to a threat, consumers can and will make major changes to their behavior in an effort to achieve the common good. Customers also expect the same level of responsibility from the companies with which they interact, too.

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Cover of the whitepaper Eco-innovations through payment solutions
Eco-innovation through payment solutions

For us, avid concern for the environment is not a new corporate phenomenon. We take our responsibility for the environment extremely seriously and we work diligently to preserve the world for future generations. This outlook is reflected in our portfolio. We play a conscientious role alongside our financial services clients. Read about our best practices to bring environmental responsibility into your payment card issuance strategy.

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Which card for your environmentally conscious customers?

It falls to all of us to make responsible changes to the ways we work and live to move towards a more sustainable world. For card production, this starts with materials and there is no one-size fits all solution. Discover more about how the Convego® Beyond products portfolio can make your payment card program more eco-friendly.

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Cover of the G+D WLTH case study: 'Saving the oceans, one card at a time'
Saving the oceans, one card at a time

From the first engagement with the team at WLTH, it was made very clear that the eco credentials of G+D products had to be of the highest standard to align with WLTH’s strong corporate social responsibility values. Founders of WLTH, brothers Drew and Brodie Haupt, grew up in Queensland, Australia – which is home to some of Australia’s most iconic beaches and the world’s largest coral reef. Spending hours on the beach as children, the pair formed an important relationship with the oceans and coastlines, which are now sadly under threat and inundated with refuse and microplastics.

Sustainable payment cards – with individual solutions

Very often, our clients ask us which sustainable card is the best. Our answer is that there is never a single best environmental solution. We offer a wide range of right solutions for your application or product. With Convego® Beyond we created a broad offering of environmentally friendly products and services. We also advise you regarding the best solution for your business and your individual sustainability policies.

Illustration of a woman in a kayak, in the background two people are picking up trash on the beach, a waving flag says 'Parley'

Convego® Parley Ocean: A commitment to protect and conserve the oceans

Convego Parley Ocean was born from an agreement with the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans. This lifestyle ocean plastic card is putting the power for change in the hands of the consumer. Beyond being a payment card, Convego® Parley Ocean is a daily reminder of our commitment to save the oceans.

Illustration of three people in green hats working in a field. In the background rise high mountains

Convego® Natural: Do you want to move away from plastic?

Convego Natural is a significant eco-innovation that unlocks the potential of bioplastics. It offers an excellent alternative for financial institutions to move away from PVC or other plastics. In addition to the ecological benefits, it creates an emotional connection between card users and your eco-conscious offering.

Illustration of a woman riding a blue bike against a big city backdrop

Convego® Recycled: We set a new sustainability standard

Convego Recycled sets a new and higher sustainability standard in the payment card industry. Its body is made of 100 percent recycled PVC. This makes it easier to be recycled and this helps card issuers reach their carbon-neutral corporate objectives.

Doconomy and G+D for more sustainable lifestyle

We all want to play our part in the fight against Climate Change, but we are also aware that we can’t change what we can’t measure. As environmentally conscious consumers, we need simple ways to evaluate our carbon footprint and our individual impact on the planet.

Smartphone screens showing a payment solutions with digital sustainability-oriented tools

Strategic partnership with Doconomy

Doconomy provides digital solutions to help track and measure the carbon footprint from consumption. Doconomy utilizes innovation, data, and design to support consumer change of behavior by enabling well-informed choices, which in turn, promote responsible consumption.

Person hands small plants to another person holding smartphone and credit card

Calculate your Lifestyle’s impact with Doconomy and UNFCCC

The Lifestyle Calculator builds a clear picture of your climate footprint. It takes just 10 minutes to answer a series of straightforward questions covering a common range of activities – how we travel, what we eat, where we live. The result will give you have an insight into how your lifestyle choices impact the planet.


Patch and G+D to offset carbon footprints for banks

Patch logo with green background color

G+D is partnering with Patch.io to empower banks to decarbonize their operations and compensate for unavoidable emissions. The Patch platform enables banks to neutralize their emissions by purchasing carbon credits from reputable and trusted climate projects. With the support of G+D and Patch, banks can leverage their central role in payment to drive the growth of eco-friendly networks. 


More insights into Convego® Beyond

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription Convego Recycled

G+D supports Rabobank

With G+D Convego® Recycled Cards Rabobank is introducing a new sustainable payment system. In addition, G+D facilitates the bank to further develop its customer service through an on-demand personalization approach.

A plant shoot circled by simulated dollar signs

Improving the sustainability of digital payment

Discover how reintroducing friction can boost the sustainability of digital payment ecosystems, help with banks’ customer acquisition, and improve financials.

Mastercard with logo for the Sustainable Card Program

Mastercard sustainable card program

The Mastercard Sustainable Materials Directory aims to help issuers offer more eco-friendly cards to consumers and empowers consumers to choose a sustainable future with eco-friendly cards.

A woman lies on a meadow holding a credit card in one hand and a smartphone in the other

G+D and Hypovereinsbank partner

Together with G+D, HypoVereinsbank is now providing its customers with environmentally friendly plastic-free debit cards. They will be using G+D’s Convego Natural Payment Card.

Smartphone screens showing a payment solutions with digital sustainability-oriented tools

G+D partners with Doconomy for climate protection

The global security technology group G+D and the Swedish fintech start-up Doconomy are joining forces to enhance payment solutions with digital sustainability-oriented tools. 

One person hands over his credit card to another, in the background is a green meadow

From plastic waste to payment card

G+D and the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans have concluded a partnership to produce a payment card made of Ocean plastic. Beyond the card, read how plastic waste can be turned into a symbol of change.

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Fintech offerings

For Fintechs to succeed, understanding the underlying payments landscape is as key as working with the right partner: G+D and Fintechs, a partnership for success!

Senior citizen making an online payment

More Accessible Payments Offering

Explore a suite of card, digital and onboarding solutions that can help you to deliver a more accessible, convenient and secure payment experience to your end-customers. Another step toward social sustainability in your ESG journey!

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