BPS® Eco-Protect: Optimum Security, all boxed-up

BPS® Eco-Protect is an industrial firewall application designed for the specific requirements of BPS® machines. It decouples the system from the customer’s IT network, effectively making it invisible to attackers, while still ensuring secure network communication between the BPS® and other infrastructure.

BPS® Eco-Protect is a secure, efficient, and comprehensive firewall solution for protection against cyber attack of banknote processing systems in a customer network. Various types of industrial applications and systems can be connected through the Eco-Protect Box, so even unsecured or outdated systems can communicate safely via open networks. How does it work? The Eco-Protect firewall sits between the BPS® and the internet. It makes the BPS® externally invisible while still permitting communication via configured protocols. From outside the network, it is only possible to see BPS® Eco-Protect.

The firewall is subject to regular penetration tests and frequent updates, ensuring it always meets the highest security standards. BPS® Eco-Protect has been developed by G+D Currency Technology to assure full compatibility with security requirements and an up-to-date interface compliant with today’s IT standards, and it is part of the BPS® Eco-System from G+D. The BPS® Eco-System is a portfolio of software products and web services which efficiently and securely permit the operation, management, and administration of banknote processing systems and peripheral devices (such as BDS® or NotaPack® ).

Benefits at a glance

  • BPS® Eco-Protect runs regular internal security checks, assuring the consistency and integrity of the appliance

  • The packet filter firewall only enables data traffic on ports which are specified during BPS® Eco-Protect configuration, e.g. only the specified TCP/IP (address) ports in the configuration menu are open for communication

  • BPS® Eco-Protect allows encryption of communication e.g. by translating FTP to SFTP and vice versa (encryption)

  • BPS® Eco-Protect secures inter-machine communication between multiple BPS® systems, or to any other system in the network (for example BDS® or NotaPack® ).

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