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In a world where change is the only constant, securing value is crucial. Especially if that value is based on trust – as is the case with cash. With more than 600 billion banknotes currently in circulation, cash is a unique means of payment and ensures stable currency systems. Our Advanced Currency Management offering provides end-to-end solutions, products, technologies, and services for the entire currency cycle.

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Billions of people place their trust in the value and authenticity of their banknotes. To ensure that cash continues to be the future-proof and secure basis for consumer payments, we support you in driving efficiency and security in your business.

Benefit from our comprehensive know-how, which covers everything from forgery-proof banknote design to outstanding-quality banknote production, highly efficient banknote processing, and reliable banknote destruction. Integrated and future focused, our solutions enable you to build a demand-driven and flexible infrastructure with digitalized workflows and automated processes. This means you can optimize collaboration, enhance productivity, and ultimately strengthen cash as a benchmark for all payment systems.

G+D has built on its almost 170 years of experience to provide you with the tools you need to thrive in the future.

Expanding possibilities with Advanced Currency Management solutions


The solution areas of Advanced Currency Management

Benchmark in Banknote Design

Discover how your banknotes can balance timeless design with innovative security features to produce eye-catching results. As national calling cards, banknotes must reflect a country’s identity and culture, while also guaranteeing a secure and efficient cash ecosystem. Find out how we design pieces of art for every purse.

Banknote Security Technology

With a wide range of reliable security features, you can find a bespoke banknote design that perfectly combines security, functionality, and aesthetics. We enhance banknote reliability and high-level authentication through the use of brilliant eye-catching effects, balanced with optimum functionality and durability. Take a look at how beautiful security can be.

High-quality Banknote Production

With more than 160 years of experience in banknote production, we can be trusted to produce outstanding banknotes that are forgery proof and resistant enough to withstand harsh climatic and circulation conditions. Discover our high-quality paper and substrate solutions, as well as our optimized production methods and comprehensive support services.

Scalable Cash Cycle Solutions

Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s standard. Our Scalable Cash Cycle Solutions allow every player in the cash cycle to improve efficiency and security with high-level automation and end-to-end infrastructure. Tailor our wide-ranging solutions to your specific needs and enhance your agility, productivity, and security – no matter the size of your operation.

Intelligent Automation Solutions

Set new benchmarks in cash logistics with big ideas, such as hands-free operation, for the entire cash center. Find out how our solutions can improve the performance and security of your business.

Digital Solutions

Increase efficiency and security by connecting and optimizing the whole cash cycle with digital solutions. From banknote production to cash processing, our adaptable software suite fits ever-changing business needs. Find out how we create greater value in a digital way.

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