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Ena Beširević

Investment Analyst

About Me


Management and Technology (M.Sc.)






How did you become a venture capitalist, and why?

My journey into the world of VC began with my Bachelor’s Thesis about the Munich startup ecosystem. This snowballed into me getting a working student position at G+D Ventures and subsequently dedicating my Master’s Thesis to exploring the relationship between founding team characteristics and startup success. When it came time to embark on my career path, opting for venture capital felt like a natural choice. It's not just because I find it incredibly fun; working in VC means working at the forefront of innovation, engaging with groundbreaking ideas and passionate founders. I think that’s a great place to be!

Which technologies and sectors are you mostly interested in?

I’m all about AI/ML and Data Science – I think they’re the backbone of today’s tech landscape. As a TrustTech VC, that translates into focusing on trust-related topics such as responsible AI, federated learning, model governance, risk and compliance... But I'm not sticking to one playground. The tech scene has got so much to offer, and I'm here to explore and learn as much as I can! 

What do you do in your free time?

I’m an avid gamer and Star Wars fan, but I do have a life outside of these interests. I love skiing, swimming, and most importantly, spending quality time with friends and family (usually watching Star Wars).