Spark your financial (r)evolution

To provide quick, convenient services for their customers, financial institutions need to digitize every aspect of their business. Establishing reliable and secure digital infrastructures is the only way to stay relevant in this industry and comply with changing regulations. However, the move comes with a wide range of benefits and opportunities.

Financial institutions can now implement holistic omni-channel strategies, and use big data to leverage customer proximity in existing and new business models. They can position themselves as key players in finance despite the threats posed by agile game changers entering the market from other sectors.

Managing identities in the digital banking future

G+D Mobile Security has extensive experience in managing and provisioning identities, both physically (e.g. on payment cards, wearables and smartphones) and virtually (e.g. in the cloud), and for all types of businesses. Our advanced fraud management monitors all aspects of identity, providing effective solutions.

The identity journey for financial institutions

What your customers need is an assurance that their identities and data are safe. What you need is a reliable confirmation of identity. Our solutions let you authenticate and onboard new clients – online, from anywhere, and at any time.
Armed with digital identities, consumers now need their credentials on the chosen device. Our complete mobile payment portfolio supports personalization of virtual and physical cards and of other devices like wearables. Bring convenient mobile payment options to consumers; create services and push them directly and securely to targeted users.
Fast and secure verification is key for convenient service usage. Our biometrics suite supports robust mobile authentication by a user’s face, voice, fingerprint, or iris scan. It’s the simplest, safest, and most seamless way to execute mobile transactions.
We help you to protect mobile apps, safeguard identities, securely authorize transactions, and prevent fraud.

Key solutions for financial institutions

Make sure your institution meets the digital challenges of the future and provides consumers with instant and convenient services. Your identity journey starts here.

ID management

Turn the onboarding process into a great experience for customers of financial institutions with Secure Remote Identification by G+D Mobile Security.

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Wearable solutions

Convenience is king. Consumers want payment-enabled wearables right out of the box that are as secure as EMV cards and mobile payments. We offer solutions that help you satisfy their demand.

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Mobile payment

Protect the relationships between you and your customers and offer convenient, flexible, and secure digital payments designed with users at heart.

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EMV technology

G+D’s implementation of today’s EMV standards not only reduces card fraud, but also secures new revenue streams for Financial Institutions with contactless and mobile payments.

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Payment cards are secure elements

With G+D’s innovative technical solutions and individualization services, you can turn conventional payment cards into powerful service-providing tools.

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Learn more about card design

From stylish to sustainable, the unique card design options of Convego Factors by G+D Mobile Security don't just let you stand out – they show you know what your customers like, value, and trust.

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Secure banking valYOUes. It’s all about managing identities.

Leverage our expertise in managing identities to grant your customers simple and secure management of their finances, payment transactions, and identities.


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