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Graphical banknote artwork: the artistic flair

Banknotes are not just a means of payment, but a piece of national identity. Our artists create designs that convey the culture of the country, whilst also following the scientific principles of human perception psychology to enable the greatest possible public acceptance for new banknotes.

Banknotes reflect the culture of their country – its history and spirit, conveying messages as they are passed from hand to hand, millions of times. For travelers, banknotes are often the first visual encounter they have from an unknown country, and they are long remembered – provided that the artists have succeeded in leaving a lasting impression.

We go the extra mile to identify our customers’ cultural and societal values. Our artists translate these into a graphical concept – always in close consultation with the customer, taking their preferences into account – and the notes become a part of the national identity.

Alongside a country’s artistic expression and cultural values, we also take psychological insights into account. Studies show that people typically distrust abstract, unfamiliar shapes. We use graphical elements that have positive associations and play to our visual customs, making them easily recognizable. We ensure highly effective placement of identifiers for the visually impaired; we harmoniously integrate security features into the overall design as portraits, ornaments, or patterns. In this way, our banknotes create something that is essential in our business: confidence.

Professional graphical banknote artwork means

  • A design that reflects the culture and spirit of a country in all its variety
  • The harmonious integration of functional elements without compromising printability
  • The utilization of objective findings from perception psychology
Showing various drawings and symbols on banknotes

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