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A person draws with a pen on a banknote with Asian characters

Insights into Banknote Design

3D model of security thread for banknotes, above it floats an Asian dragon

Security by Design

Security technology and banknotes, that always means a forward-thinking and acting in advance – in the very best case in a tight interplay with banknote design. Learn more about the triad of design integration, inspiration, and identification.

Close up of a banknote with man wearing a turban and Arabic characters printed on it

How to design secure and aesthetic banknotes

For travelers, banknotes are often the first visual encounter they have with a foreign country. They are long remembered – provided that the artists have succeeded in leaving a lasting impression. Each banknote around the globe is unique, and each reveals interesting facts about the issuing country.

A stack of paper placed on its side on a wedge of cardboard for stability

Design Thinking for banknote production

Banknotes need to combine design with high-tech developments, making the banknote production process particularly challenging. The “Design for Production” principle enables the symbiosis of design and production. 

Armenian 50,000 dram banknote with security features from G+D

Armenia – optimising its new series through design, security and substrate

The Central Bank of Armenia introduced a new series of banknotes at the start of this year, all of which are printed on a durable substrate (Hybrid) and in which the design and security features have been updated. Arman Hovhannisyan, a Currency Issue Specialist at the Bank, told Currency News what these changes are connected with and how the new banknotes surpass the old ones.

Banknotes with penguin motif painted with felt pens

Design that connects money and people

Banknotes are a nation’s calling card. And they link a nations people with its money, by telling unique stories but also by offering a secure means of identification by design. 


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