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Compass Cash Center Fore­casting: optimize with precise cash volume predictions per cash center

Central Banks make better decisions on treasury, operations, and resources based on accurate cash volume forecasting, enabling intelligent planning across multiple cash centers.

Cash centers process and store high volumes of cash, and therefore need the right software to ensure accuracy and operational efficiency. Compass Cash Center Forecasting gives clarity in the complexity, providing visibility and accurate forecasting of the in- and outflows to optimize cash levels and effectively decrease the cost of cash. AI-driven software employs state-of-the-art machine learning to ensure central banks benefit from accurate forecasting that automatically enhances as more data is recorded. Optimize cash cycle collaboration by predicting cash demand across cash centers and banks with the insight to see days and weeks ahead. This unique add-on product provides the tools to seamlessly move bulk cash between cash centers and react promptly to cash demand. 

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Precise forecasting: Accurate predictions observe fluctuating commercial demand while reducing cash shortages and overages, as well as the resulting need for re-planning, ensuring a consistently balanced cash supply.
  • Plan inventory: Pre-define thresholds trigger alerts well before breaches occur, enabling decisive and timely action to circumvent issues.
  • Multi-site insight: Predict stock inside each cash center based on current stock and forecasted stock turnovers to decide when to buy and sell currency. 
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Central banks enhance planning for better outcomes

Accurately plan resources 

Compass Cash Center Forecasting enables managers to best determine workload based on calculated future deposits and outbound orders. Expected turnover predictions allow staff to be planned more accurately, while pre-determined events in the system alert management to fluctuations in demand and turnover. 

Leverage data for reliable forecasting 

This solution takes into account historical and actual data to deliver the most accurate predictions. Historical deposit inflows and outbound orders can be imported and leveraged to see expected stock levels per currency and denomination. The Treasury Team utilizes this information to efficiently create, buy, and sell cash orders. 

Intelligently manage stock  

Mitigate the risk of excessive or insufficient inventory with the precision of stock-level predictions. Gain detailed insight into future balances per denomination and qualification type based on the forecast and current cash center balance. 

Flexibility for better operational planning 

Occasionally, fluctuations in inbound and outbound flow occur due to irregularly scheduled occurrences, such as holidays and special events. Users can amend forecasts to reflect such occasions by creating one-off or recurring events in the system that will affect the forecast outcome more accurately. The software conveniently alerts management as these changes occur for better planning and adaptability.   

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Central banks effectively boost security and operational efficiency with Compass Cash Center’s state-of-the-art cash management built to scale.


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