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Central banks: boost efficiency with data-driven control

Our software solutions empower central banks with advanced end-to-end cash supply chain management that leverages data for better control.

Central banks rely on state-of-the-art software that enables them to optimize and modernize cash operations in the increasingly digitalized payment landscape. As a global leader in the digitalization of the currency industry, G+D has expanded its software solutions to enhance operations through robust cash center management, increased visibility, and accurate forecasting.  

Benefit from advanced inventory and deposit management that provides processing support, seamless upgrades, and real-time insight into cash management across all sites. Leverage data for accurate forecasting to reliably predict trends in cash demand, enabling optimal resource planning and intelligent business decisions. Collaborate effectively with supply chain partners to drive down operational costs, streamline and automate processes, and increase overall performance. Holistically empower better business outcomes with software designed for the future of cash.

Integrated software solutions for central banks

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Compass Cash Center

Central Banks effectively boost security and operational efficiency with Compass Cash Center’s state-of-the-art cash management built to scale. 

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Compass Cloud

With Compass Cloud, businesses enjoy noticeable improvements, such as lower upfront investments, faster and simpler implementation, and consistent availability and security of their data. Compass Cloud provides customers with the flexibility to outsource their data securely and with confidence. 

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Compass Cash Center Forecasting

Compass Cash Center Forecasting provides central banks visibility and accurate forecasting to predict cash demand and control the cost of cash.

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Compass System Intelligence

Compass System Intelligence enables central banks to use data to improve the performance of the banknote processing operations with cutting-edge technology and intuitive design.

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Compass Consulting

Make the most of your data and work with our data intelligence consultants to identify issues and generate concrete ideas that improve banknote and cash cycle performance.

Virtual dashboard with analytical graphs

Compass Banknote Intelligence

Compass Banknote Intelligence is a powerful tool for central banks to make the most of their banknote and cash cycle data through analytics.

Person holding and using a smartphone
Currency App

Introducing banknotes in a new way: with G+D's currency app central banks can show and explain all banknote features in an interactive and captivating manner. A digital solution that supports a holistic, multi-channel approach to raise the public's awareness.


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