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Currency App: introducing banknotes in a new and interactive way

Educating the public about the design and security features of a new banknote series is vital for broad acceptance and to ward off counterfeiters. Thanks to our Currency App, central banks can show and explain all features in an interactive and captivating manner. The smartphone app supports a holistic, multi-channel approach to raise the public’s awareness.

A smartphone app is a modern and efficient medium for communication with the public, especially when introducing a new banknote series. In most countries, smartphones are widely used, and a Currency App that offers fascinating functions and can be downloaded for free will capture the interest of a broad public. People can learn about and experience the new banknotes intuitively and interactively, and can use the app whenever they need assistance identifying individual notes.


In our Currency App, banknote features are presented in high resolution. Touching areas of interest provides a detailed view and specific explanation. Tactile structures, such as raised intaglio printing, are simulated by the smartphone vibrating when the corresponding areas of the banknote are lightly rubbed. Tilting the phone allows dynamic effects, such as the color play of a RollingStar® security thread, watermarks, and see-through elements, to be made visible.

In order to follow a multi-channel approach, links to YouTube channels, social media accounts, and other useful webpages can be integrated. Practical functionalities, such as the automatic recognition of denominations using the phone’s camera, support visually impaired or non-visual visitors by identifying individual notes. Optional features, including the combination of real banknote images with stored data or augmented reality, create eye-catching effects.

Central Bank of Eswatini - "Lilangeni" App running on a smartphone
Central Bank of Eswatini - "Lilangeni" App
Central Bank of Armenia - "Armenian Dram 3.0" App screenshot
Central Bank of Armenia - "Armenian Dram 3.0" App
Reserve Bank of Malawi - "Malawi Kwacha" App running on a smartphone
Reserve Bank of Malawi - "Malawi Kwacha" App
Bank of Thailand - "Thai Banknotes" App screenshot
Bank of Thailand - "Thai Banknotes" App

Our Currency App supports your new banknote series campaign:

  • Fast and easy distribution. The Currency App can be downloaded for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.
  • Holistic information. Multiple displays of new banknotes and detailed views with an explanation of all features and areas of interest (e.g. portraits, languages).
  • A multi-channel approach. Modernization of public relations through the use of various digital channels including video, web pages, social media,etc.
  • Augmented reality
  • A tangible experience. Simulation of security features (look, feel, and tilt) to demonstrate optical and haptic experience. Audiovisual denomination recognition for the visually impaired.
  • Customizing effect. We offer our Currency App as a whitelabel for central banks. The app can be adapted to their needs and corporate design.

The money-savvy characters that teach kids about cash

Illustration of banknote app for kids with penny the parrot on mobile phone

Let your youngsters learn about money, in a fun and interactive way, with our Banknote App for Children. The educational app invites users to point the camera at their national banknote and a three-dimensional figure magically appears to demonstrate its security features. Through quizzes and engaging action, the talking animals and other characters ensure that children really pay attention and learn more about how to safely and properly use money

  • Teaches children about banknote security and correct use of money
  • Interactive quizzes and talking characters make it suitable for all ages
  • Uses local currency and meets the needs of a specific national bank

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