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Compass Cash Center Fore­casting: optimize by predicting cash volumes per cash center

Strengthen the decisions on treasury, daily operations, destruction, printing and resources based on forecasts of cash volumes – per cash center at stock owner and qualification type levels

For cash center operators who need to predict daily cash volumes, Compass Cash Center Forecasting is an add-on product to G+D and third party cash center management solutions. This product supports planning of resources (staff and machines), inventory and cash demand. Unlike a manual process, our product precisely forecasts cash volumes based on inbound and outbound flows from cash center management software to ease planning and gain efficiency. With notifying managers when the cash stock is insufficient, or is expected to be in excess, a data-based decision on re-ordering of banknotes is possible to ensure a timely order fulfillment. Cash Centre operators can in-turn predict when to transfer banknotes between sites.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Forecast inbound and outbound volumes per cash center based on historical customer-based turnover. A vital input for capacity and workload planning.
  • Take timely action by alerting cash center personnel about expected excess or insufficient stock levels
  • ​​Predict stock inside each cash center based on current stock and forecasted turnovers to decide when to buy and sell currency
  • For Central Banks: predict banknote demand in each site and based on forecasted shredding waste handling
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Planing ahead, never be surprised

Resource planning

Based on calculated future inbound deposits and outbound orders the expected work can be converted to staff requirements. It is possible to amend the regular forecast with events showing the impact to adjust resources accordingly

Demand planning

Based on configurable thresholds decision makers will receive alerts when it is forecasted that stock will breach the threshold and timely action needs to be taken to avoid this from happening. This ensures that all demands and changes in requirements are met

Treasury planning

Based on the expected future stock amounts, the Treasury Department can decide on buy and sell of currency

Operational planning

Based on one off and recurring events schedules, amend the forecasts to factor its impact on Inbound and Outbound flows

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Commercial banks trust in Compass Cash Center for powerful and insightful end-to-end cash management that controls costs and optimizes operations securely and efficiently. 


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