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The path to the perfect cash center: achieving success, step by step

Developing an automated cash center is a challenging task, as all the functions must interact seamlessly to achieve optimum performance in operation. We use our experience to support banks, casinos, and cash-in-transit companies from planning to operation, enabling them to find the best solution for their requirements.

Solutions can only be developed through teamwork, and this is certainly the case for cash centers, where efficiency and reliability are essential. With our experts, you have the right partner on board. We will discuss in detail your technologies, processes, systems, buildings, and infrastructure, as well as the relevant requirements. We will then put together various modules to create a comprehensive solution for the cash center – custom-tailored whilst also being flexible, contemporary and future-proof.

From gates to shredders: cash centers consist of up to seven core areas, which need to dovetail perfectly. The system will only truly be secure and efficient if all the components come together to form a single, optimized unit. In this respect, G+D develops beautifully coordinated cash center solutions for each participant in the cash cycle – from the highly automated central bank, through commercial business banks and casinos, to cash-in-transit companies, where there is demand for highly customized solutions for the spaces available.

Planning and optimizing cash centers – when experience counts

  • Solutions and services for all cash processes for 45 years
  • Global presence, and extensive experience with regional circumstances
  • A technological leader in sensors and machines for banknote processing
  • A modular range of solutions – custom-tailored and expandable
  • Comprehensive follow-up care, with training, service packages, and support, including deinstallation
  • Process optimization through advanced cash management software
Building plan of a cash center e.g. for banks, casinos and cash-in-transit companies

The optimal cash center: modular and integrated

Requirements analysis:

The first phase involves determining all client parameters that are relevant to the success of a cash center – from the individual cash cycle to the company’s key details and quantity structures. Experts from G+D provide advice on all matters relating to system, process, and information technology, as well as the company’s organization of workflows. The result is a comprehensive requirement profile for the future cash center.

Solution design:

Together with the customer, we develop promising solutions models for the requirement profile, on the basis of discussions and best practice. The modular structure supports long-term planning and offers security of investment. On this basis, we put together a detailed concept with a tailor-made offering so that we can work together to prepare for realization.


In the implementation phase, we commission and configure the hardware and software, and integrate them into the operational sequences. In addition, the client’s staff receive instruction, and preparation for acceptance is performed using intensive testing.

Follow-up support:

Service is a key element of our solutions-oriented business. To ensure that our customers can rely on optimum availability throughout the lifetime of their systems, we offer a comprehensive range of lifecycle services all over the world.

Case study: first fully-automated vault in Rwanda


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Ambitious automation in Africa

The National Bank of Rwanda has ambitious goals: to improve its current cash center with state-of-the-art technology in order to manage the actual space restraints as well as streamlining the ongoing processes while increasing security throughout the cash center. G+D realized the complete rollout of the first fully-automated vault and vault management system in Rwanda: an optimization for more security and more efficiency. 

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Scalable Cash Cycle solutions

Everything you need to know about how to optimize and integrate Scalable Cash Management.

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