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Holistic security for critical infrastructures

G+D offers unparalleled experience and expertise in the protection of critical infrastructures with highest security requirements. Featuring multiple security technologies that work seamlessly with each other, our solutions are in daily use around the world at central banks, banknote printing plants, credit card manufacturing facilities and other organizations requiring a high level of protection. Our security solutions are built on three core pillars: our knowledge of the latest security technologies; our experience gained from decades of experience and dozens of blockbuster security projects around the world; and our analytical capability with a highly-qualified multi-national team of security professionals.

Thus G+D stands out among our competition by providing inexhaustible creativity and an exceptional knowledge base when it comes to designing and perfecting the right solution for each and every customer. Utilizing this experience we implement state of the art multi-level security solutions tailor-made for your company and site. Additionally we can offer you consulting by some of the best security minds in the business.

Check out these short videos for more information, or even better, talk to us about your requirements. After all, the videos just show a fraction of the consulting, technologies and solutions we can offer.  

Holistic infrastructure security


Zone 0: Perimeter protection

Our integrated solutions are deployed from the outer edge of your site right through to the critical facility. Using technology including wide-range radar, PTZ cameras, drones and more. We have everything you need to safeguard your perimeter.


Zone 1: Secure entry solutions

Our complete range of entry solutions controls vehicle access including license plate readers, barriers, video surveillance, guards and explosives detectors to name but a few. Any pedestrians or vehicles entering your facility’s perimeter are thoroughly verified before they get anywhere near the building.

Zone 2: Courtyard surveillance

Along with our perimeter solutions, we combine a range of sensors, including fixed and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) high resolution cameras and cutting edge motion sensing technology to monitor activity inside and outside of your building’s courtyard. These sensors immediately alert guards to suspicious activity and enable them to detect and detain an intruder prior to the arrival of the police.


Zone 3: Building shell protection

To protect your building shell, we offer penetration and bullet-resistant doors equipped with sensors to detect any attempted intrusion , especially potentially vulnerable areas like windows, doors, and AC or ventilation shafts. Plus: A full range of  sensors and PTZ cameras that alert your security staff to would-be intruders in areas that are hidden or difficult to monitor.  


Zone 4: Safeguarding the high-security zone

We design and create tailor-made protection solutions that are an exact fit for your high-security application. For example, we can equip your vault or critical area with sensors to detect presence, seismic sensors to detect drilling or tunneling attempts and immediately alert your security control center to any intruder,even insiders. For staff access control we offer security vestibules, biometric sensors and high definition indoor cameras.


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