High-Tech Security Foils: Attractive and Dynamic

Security foils for banknotes represent advanced technology for which we have spent decades controlling and constantly further refining the production processes. The color shift foils offer strong counterfeit protection and easy recognition.

In addition to watermarks and threads, special foils on the paper ensure the required anti-counterfeiting security and easy authentication of banknotes. They are Optically Variable Devices (OVDs) that can be perceived by the naked eye and draw users’ attention. Security foils are applied to the substrate and are wider than threads, also offering more room for individual design. Different metallic effects with color and motif shifts, in combination with dynamic motifs, create flexible and attractive designs. They can also be combined with individual windows ( LaserCut™ ), creating amazing effects.
We use complex procedures for production which ensure the best possible protection against counterfeiting, and – of course – our full technology is not accessible for commercial purposes.

Benefits of Security Foils

  • Fast authentication through striking, dynamic effects and colors that cannot be reproduced by counterfeiters

  • Custom design and synchronization with other security features on the note make a memorable impression on users

  • A generous design area, even in combination with secure windows or covert secure features

  • Certainty at all authentication levels, from the user to the central bank

LEAD Holographic Foils

Our LEAD foils (Longlasting Economical Anticopy Device) feature holograph microstructures which result in color and form modifications when the viewing angle or light is changed.
In addition, LEAD holographic foil can be registered, and micromirror features and bi-metallic effects can be added for even more visual appeal and security. Covert security features for verification using ultraviolet, laser, or polarized light provided enhanced security.

LEAD Foils – Cost-Efficient and Durable

Many central banks choose LEAD foils because of their attractive price/performance ratio. The foil is applied to a roll of paper in a single-step procedure. This reduces costs in comparison to sheet application, and does not require any additional printing plant investment. There is no decline whatsoever of the four security levels (hologram, Cleartext, ultraviolet primer, banknote overprint) throughout the banknote circulation life. Small foil motifs (“patches”) can also be applied to the banknote using heat sealing procedures. Additional integration into the printed image creates a very well integrated and complex security element.

RollingStar® LEAD – Secure, Striking, and Advanced

RollingStar® LEAD is a security solution in which we have combined the advantages of optically variable foils with striking, dynamic 3D effects and color shifts. The combination of micromirror and ColourShift technology, as well as additional OVD effects, brings life to the holographic strips and attracts users’ attention, guaranteeing fast authentication.

MICROMIRROR LEAD – Metallic and Highly Secure

Micromirror LEAD is an additional variant of the foil strips, which is more cost-effective. It is dynamic and has a metallic shine. Although Micromirror LEAD does not offer color shift, it features dynamic metallic effects that meet the demands of any lighting situation. Micromirror LEAD can also be combined with many other OVD effects such as 3D effects and holograms.


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