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Security foil in the form of a luminous shell on a banknote

High-tech security foils: dynamic and attractive

Security foils for banknotes represent advanced technology for which we have spent decades constantly further refining the production processes. With ColourShift technology, 3-D effects, and unique designs, security foils provide eye-catching features for easy recognition and offer strong anti-counterfeit protection.

In addition to watermarks and threads, special foils on the paper ensure the required anti-counterfeiting security and easy authentication of banknotes. They are optically variable devices (OVDs) that can be perceived by the naked eye and draw users’ attention. Security foils are applied to the substrate and are wider than threads, offering more room for individual design. Different metallic effects with color and motif shifts, in combination with dynamic motifs, create flexible and attractive designs. They can also be combined with individual windows (LaserCut™), creating amazing effects. We use complex procedures for production that ensure the best possible protection against counterfeiting, and – of course – our full technology is not accessible for commercial purposes.

Benefits of security foils

  • Fast authentication through striking, dynamic effects and colors that cannot be reproduced by counterfeiters
  • Custom design and synchronization with other security features on the note make a memorable impression on users
  • A generous design area, even in combination with secure windows or covert secure features
  • Certainty at all authentication levels, from the user to the central bank

LEAD<sup>®</sup> foils: cost-efficient and durable

Close-up of a RollingStar Lead security foil with a steering wheel and a golden shell

Our LEAD® foils (Long-lasting Economical Anti-copy Device) offer cost-effective, visually appealing, and durable banknote security. This is why many central banks choose our LEAD® foils. Since the foil is applied to a roll of paper in a single-step procedure, costs are reduced in comparison with sheet application. Not only are additional investments in printing plants not required, the four security levels (hologram, cleartext, ultraviolet primer, banknote overprint) remain uncompromised throughout the note’s circulation.

JUMP: Bring any story to life with a new design concept.

RollingStar® LEAD: secure, striking, and advanced

Close up of silver RollingStar Lead security foil with pink maple leaf

RollingStar® LEAD foils bring security and character to your notes to make note-checking fast and simple while simultaneously enabling durable counterfeit protection that lasts throughout a note’s life cycle. The combination of micromirror and ColourShift technology provides dynamic 3-D and color effects that bring your notes to life by simulating movement and animation. Picture national heroes, moving animals, or famous symbols to catch anyone’s eye. An optional under-foil UV primer can provide additional security. Our RollingStar® LEAD foils can also be used with other banknote substrates and Hybrid ADDvance®.


RollingStar® Patch: small, stunning, and always safe

LEAD<sup>®</sup>: micromirror and holographic foils, metallic and highly secure

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