BPS® M7: Highest Security and Efficiency for the High-Speed World

The BPS® M7 is at the core of G+D Currency Technology's “High-Speed World”. It is the modular banknote processing systems for central bank cash centers, where intelligent automation like the NotaTracc® system complement highspeed processing and integrate every single banknote into highly automated smart logistics.

With more than 2,000 systems installed to date, G+D Currency Technology has set the benchmark for banknote processing in central banks and commercial cash centers in more than 115 countries. With a throughput of up to 120,000 banknotes per hour, the BPS® M7 reaches maximum productivity – and does so with outstanding counting accuracy, in a system that is very easy to operate. Continuous singling and automatic reloading of band reels ensures uninterrupted operation and thereby the highest performance in its product class.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Highest counting accuracy

  • Superior sorting results (fitness, authenticity, repeatability, reproducibility) due to best-in-class sensor solutions

  • Online shredder option for secure destruction even at 100% shred rate

  • Connects banknotes to the digital world by providing its individual lifecycle data by serial number reading

  • Cyber security by BPS® Protect

  • Modular concept providing unique intelligent automation options

Cutting-Edge Sensors for Reliable Banknote Evaluation

The NotaScan® image sensor and NotaScan® Profile thickness sensor set the globally recognized standards in banknote processing. Supported by additional, specific sensors, they ensure reproducible verification of authenticity and fitness for circulation in banknotes at the highest level.
Digitalization has become technical reality and can be seen as a continuously developing, worldwide trend in many industries. Since Serial number reading has become a requirement for providing banknote specific data for data analytics, G+D Currency Technology supports both: Gathering “big data” on individual banknote level, and “big data usage”, e.g. by providing analytics applications to set up a valid, data-based business intelligence.

Additional Modules & Services

Fully Automatic Filling and Packaging

The system is supplemented by the NotaTracc® system. This enables continuous and outomated loading of banknotes - for outstanding efficiency, security and ergonomics. NotaPack® 10, a compact, fully automatic packaging solution, ensures reliable output of the processed banknotes in shrink-wrapped bundles.

Reliable Banknote Destruction

Banknotes no longer fit for circulation can be destroyed online in the optional shredder module – with maximum counting accuracy and consistently high throughput.

Integration into Cash Center Management

The BPS® M7 can be easily integrated into cash center management systems. Customers are able to rely on Compass VMS® software which enables the management of cash safes and customer accounts, as well as the processing and accounting of deposits. Compass VMS® is a scalable platform, which can be introduced step by step. An example is the module for the verification and accounting of deposits, including their preparation and reconciliation during the header card process.

Customized Service

In addition to technical support, needs-appropriate maintenance, and system updates, G+D Currency Technology also offers operationally oriented service and operator training, process consulting for cash centers, and remote services for the BPS® M7.



All the key information about the modular system for sorting and processing banknotes.


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