A glimpse into the interior of a high-performance sensor from G+D for checking banknotes

High-performance sensor systems

The synergy between high-performance sensors and Banknote Processing Systems provides world class results in banknote counting within the whole cash cycle. This includes identification by currency and denomination, verification of authenticity, fitness detection, and serial number reading.

Our sensors are designed for different applications in the cash cycle. Starting with printing works, our NotaMaster® and NotaScan® sensors on BPS® X9 inspect all features and tolerances at the highest speed of 44 banknotes per second and guarantee that only conforming banknotes will be issued by the central bank. When sorting circulated banknotes for recycling, the sensors detect a minimum fitness level and verify authenticity, both defined by the central bank. NotaScan® sensors are world leaders for reliable detection of soiling and deteriorations due to wear and damage. They evaluate the thickness profile of the banknotes and can detect holes, tears, and adhesive tapes. For verifying authenticity, they read the magnetic characteristics of the banknotes and differentiate the images of different magnetic substances.

In BPS® systems for commercial markets, compact sensor systems ensure consistent fitness sorting and detection of suspect banknotes or counterfeits. For analyzing the banknote quality over the lifetime of a banknote series, serial number reading is available.


Reliable single note quality inspection in the printing works

Manufacturing banknotes is one of the most challenging jobs in the industry. Printed by the billions, banknotes must have consistent high quality for public acceptance and also be protected by invisible machine-readable features. Each banknote must be printed with a unique serial number for tracking and monitoring the printed quantities.

View into the interior of a machine in which a banknote is being x-rayed

Our sensors support the printing works by assuring the quality of finished banknotes and providing information for minimizing spoilage, i.e. the percentage of misprinted banknotes. Comprehensive tools support on-going analysis of the production and efficient intake of new orders.
The NotaMaster® Image sensor detects minimal deviations in the substrate, applications, printing steps, as well as cutting tolerances (registration errors). It captures and records the printing flaws for analysis.
Both NotaMaster® and NotaScan® sensors verify unique machine-readable authenticity features, such as infrared absorbing inks, magnetic, luminescent, or other covert features, for presence and accuracy.
All of this ensures that off-specification banknotes are outsorted and the issued banknotes are “fit for circulation”, both for trusted human verification and for efficient automated processing in all areas of the cash cycle.


Close-up of NotaScan® sensor to classify the fitness of a banknote as humans can do

Fitness classification like humans can do

Once banknotes are in circulation, the quality of a banknote detoriates due to handling which makes it harder to distinguish a good banknote from a counterfeit. They get dirty, may tear and be repaired by adhesive tapes, there may be holes or folds, etc. One of the most important tasks of the NotaScan® sensor family is to classify the fitness of a banknote as humans can do. The NotaScan® Image sensor evaluates the visual appearance while the NotaScan® Profile sensor detects tapes, holes, and other mechanical defects, such as limpness and crumpling.

Real or fake?

The quality of counterfeit banknotes is always improving. To remain one step ahead of professional counterfeiters, central banks use special high-level security features. Custom-tailored solutions from G+D are used to reliably verify these counterfeit-proof features. They offer rigorous, unimpeachable banknote authentication – even if the banknote has become heavily soiled or worn during circulation.

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