Metal Cards, cards with that little extra!

Be a trendsetter by offering premium payment cards and cater your customers' desire for uniqueness

Offer your customers a touch of personalization and panache to their payment cards

For those special customer of yours, Metal Cards allow them to bring a little extra gravitas when it’s time to pay. And answers their call for unique treatment and special value. For you as Issuer, your card is always top-of-wallet positioning your brand as a premium bank.

Payment cards are a fixture in many people’s lives. Why shouldn’t they have a little flair like their users? With the proliferation of Metal Cards, you can give your customers added value and something they can be excited about. G+D Mobile Security is your partner for introducing premium cards for high value customers. Our grand portfolio with different designs and form factors as well as added value services in issuing, packaging and digital services, will enable you to create that special offer your customers want. At G+D Mobile Security customers always come first, both you and yours! And with our track-record in providing security to Issuers and our future-proofed experience in state of the art card designs, we make sure your customers always come first.

Metal Cards infographic

Premium payment cards such as Metal Cards are one of the latest trends driven by consumers’ desire for that little extra when it comes to style and status. We summed up all the information about Metal Cards and payment card trends in our newest infographic.

Download the infographic for more trend insights!

  • G+D Mobile Security offers state-of-the-art Metal Cards with multiple choices of designs, features and look&feel to make your customer feel special.

  • We enable easy and secure card personalization, so you can give your customer unique treatment and a feeling of value.

  • Our Metal Cards bring both technological and marketing benefits for you to differentiate from competition, and your customers to add a touch of personalization and panache in their lives.

  • We understand the new customer trends and challenges when it comes to creating stickiness, and enable embossing for high value customers.

  • With years of worldwide experience within this product segment, as a global leader in providing payment cards, we make sure to add some style points into your card offering, giving your customers that extra heft, and the satisfying, metallic clunk these premium cards give!

Metal Cards are booming

As customer trends show that Metal Cards are on the wish list, the timing for you to ramp up your Issuing portfolio with premium cards has never been better.

Also the technology and card design capabilities available today are the most advanced yet, acting now gives you competitive advantages.

With G+D Mobile Security, you can enable a deeper customer relationship, gain high value customers and position your brand as a premium one.


  • One of the latest card trends is driven by consumers’ desire for style and status. The metal credit card answers the call, allowing cardholders to bring a little extra gravitas when it’s time to pay.

  • Metal cards take things up a notch in terms of style. You can choose from different styles, designs, features and form factors in order to individualize your offer and give your customers that little extra.

  • With a fast-footed approach, you can capitalize on a premium Issuing card portfolio  and stay ahead of competition.

  • A Metal Card offering embosse high value customers and supports your brand.

  • G+D Mobile Security’s portfolio of card bodies, design opportunities and added value services such as digital payment help Issuers ramp up their customer offerings and find new revenue streams.

  • Did you know? Metal Cards actually have a historical value too. Take this quiz and stay on top!

News highlights

G+D Mobile Security redefining the consumer’s experience with the launch of Canada's first metal payment cards for the FinTech KOHO

The demand for this unique offer is increasing heavily as indicated by the over 75,000 people on the waiting list for the new metal cards from KOHO. "G+D Mobile Security has been a great partner in helping us bring metal cards to our users," says Daniel Eberhard, CEO and Founder of KOHO. "Democratizing the financial experience for all Canadians is an integral part of our mission, and G+D has helped us deliver on that promise."

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G+D Mobile Security and HIT Form a Global Partnership for Payment Cards in the Premium Segment

"G+D Mobile Security has always stood for the highest security and quality standards in the financial industry and with its solutions creates trust in mobile payment," says Cristian Calandria, founder of HIT. "This makes the company the perfect strategic partner for us. We have no doubt that this natural synergy will strengthen both companies and that the result will be highly satisfied customers."

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Exciting pilot project with biometric payment cards

Crédit Agricole launches pilot project with biometric payment cards from G+D Mobile Security. “By combining security with convenience, the biometric cards will optimally meet the needs of our customers", says Bertrand Chevallier, GM at Crédit Agricole.

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G+D Mobile Security is one of  the leading providers of payment offerings, with a strong emphasis on securing transactions in both the online and offline space.

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