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Three different metal credit cards from G+D

Metal cards – the lifestyle solution for payments

Long dominated by the North American market, metal cards are going global. The segment is expanding across Europe (44% projected YoY growth) Latin America (61%) and — most interestingly — the dynamic economies of Asia (103%). Meaning millions more of the top-3% consumers who dominate the metal card sector are entering the market.

But the full story of metal cards isn’t told in market reports and growth numbers. It’s about how, at a time of shrinking branch networks and commodified payment services, a metal card functions as an ambassador of your brand — to both consumers and the people around them. A metal card is used more, seen more, valued more. It’s a key differentiator of your products and services. And as such, often top-of-wallet. So while metal cards form a small part of the payment cards sector, it’s an extremely high-value one — with equally positive prospects.

Issuer benefits

  • Customer retention is high; only very few people are then interested in changing their bank
  • Higher spending and more transactions can be observed after rollout
  • Metal cards are a perfect opportunity to increase brand visibility
  • They offer the possibility of expanding customer segments, coupled with revenue increase
  • In conjunction with value-added services, such as bonus points or point earning on all other purchases, metal cards are a prime differentiator

Customer lifestyles and benefits

Woman in sportswear puts metal credit card in her jacket pocket

Performance: a fast-paced lifestyle calls for the reliability of a metal card
A performance-driven lifestyle necessitates attention to the tools: the products they use to achieve their goals. From running shoes, to an aviator’s watch, to the payment card in their wallet, there can be no compromise between function and reliability. The ideal companion for their journey is G+D’s Metal Core card: with the resilience of plastic and the toughness of metal, it's able to take on the world.

A young man pays at a bar with a metal credit card

Personality: doing it your way, with style
They may be young or old, from the richest city or the poorest village. But all want the brands they support to share their views - and not quietly, but loud and proud, seeing the beauty of an object as an adjunct to their personalities. Not “a” bank, but “their” bank. That’s what drives Convego® Metal Face Lite: an infinity of customization options across both metal and plastic surfaces, offering all the versatility of PVC printing plus the sensory experience of CNC on metal. It’s the payment card as art form.

Nobly dressed gentleman pays with metal credit card

Prime: a prime experience for those who want the best
It isn’t about wealth, or status. Even less “fitting in”. These people simply see life as too short to compromise with second-best. They want the strongest product benefits, the most enjoyable user experiences. For them, there’s Convego® Metal Face: the most exclusive offering in G+D’s metal card portfolio. Cool exposed metal, with intense colors and textures limited only by your imagination. As one of the heaviest metal cards in the market, Convego® Metal Face offers you a very unique feel when held and sound when tapped.

A woman holding a G+D Convego Metal Encased Card

Pick it! Recognize and reward your younger customers' financial independence
Your early-career customers want to feel independent, valued and celebrated for their successes, with financial products that reflect their aspirations and lifestyle. Providing the Convego® Metal Encased Card that stands out and symbolizes that recognition will help you attract this valuable market segment - either directly or through increased social media ‘buzz’ that a striking card can generate.


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Cover of the whitepaper Metal Cards

Metal cards: differentiation by design

This whitepaper explores the distinctive and valuable differences G+D’s metal cards portfolio brings to your organization - plus an overview of the cards themselves.

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Expertise and innovation deliver premium payment experiences

G+D enables fintech partner to create India’s first dual-side tap contactless metal credit card. One of India’s fastest growing fintechs wants to transform banking in India, particularly amongst the rapidly growing young professional (Gen Z) market. They redefine the credit card for this market – with an emphasis on mobile-first banking.

We offer products and solutions to meet your needs

Metal Core Card

Explanation of the components on a G+D Metal Core Card

We offer metal cards for every conceivable purpose. Our offer starts with “Metal Core Cards”. They have a metal core with PVC overlays on both sides. Payments can be made on both sides. The metal core is visible, intriguingly, on the edge. When put on a table, the card sounds exclusive and not common like a PVC card. They weigh 14 grams (regular PVC cards weigh five grams). The same PVC printing possibilities apply to metal cards.

Metal Face Lite Card

Explanation of the components on a G+D Metal Face Lite Card

Our “Metal Face Lite Card” weighs 18 grams and it also comes with two working sides. It has a clear, distinctive metal sound and the metal material can be seen at the edge and on the front. Digital printing and drilling is possible.

Metal Face Card

Explanation of the components on a G+D 'Metal Face Card'

Our “Metal Face Card” weighs 22 grams and is one of the heaviest cards on the market. They are truly unique and differentiating. The Metal Face Cards also have a distinctive metal sound, and work on both sides. The metal material can be seen at the edge and on the front. In addition to drilling, it offers the possibility for laser engraving and silk screen printing.

Metal Encased Card

Convego Metal Encased Card

Convego® Metal Encased offers a choice not just of designs but of actual metal material. A 10g stainless steel inlay or a 17g tungsten provides sleek, stylish options for your customers, surfaced on both sides with easily customizable PVC external layers for near-infinite artistic variety.

In addition, we also offer value-added products and services. These include:

  • Unique design via our digital artwork workshop
  • Scheme approval — they are fully supported by our paytech experts
  • Card manufacturing and personalization
  • Unique packaging design for a top user experience
  • Global footprint

Metal feels and sounds different

Metal cards have a fascinating appearance and feel, and an especially distinctive sound. They express esteem, value, and preferred customer status. Watch our video to get an impression of the uniqueness of metal cards.

Illustration: three modern looking people with credit card and smartphones

Fintech offerings

For Fintechs to succeed, understanding the underlying payments landscape is as key as working with the right partner: G+D and Fintechs, a partnership for success!


More insights into metal cards

A woman pays contactless with her credit card

G+D provides HVB with metal cards

Hypo Vereinsbank has selected G+D Metal Face Cards for their “HVB Visa Infinite Metal” initiative. They offer the cards in combination with extensive services.

Woman in sportswear puts metal credit card in her jacket pocket

Are banks becoming lifestyle brands?

With a lifestyle-first approach, banks and fintechs can reach new customers who are otherwise hard to grasp.

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