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Payment cards and services for today and tomorrow

Credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards. Everyone uses them for a variety of transactions. With our innovative technical solutions and individualization services, you can turn conventional payment cards into powerful service-providing tools. Offering personalized smart cards with mobile and contactless services increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. And at the same time, you can significantly minimize the impact of fraud. Keeping your card offering always up to date is a win-win-win situation: for end users, your brand, and your bottom line.

Our comprehensive portfolio comprises high-end smart cards and mobile applications for debit card, credit card, and prepaid card use cases. Of course, everything is based on the latest EMV standard. Our technologies include contact, contactless, and dual interface. All products are supported by our wide range of secure, flexible platforms that ensure the highest standards and manageability.

To fulfill needs for differentiation and enhance competitiveness, we have extended our portfolio to include metal cards, environmentally friendly cards, and biometric cards with fingerprint readers. Because individualization has become so crucial to success in today’s ultra-competitive environment, we offer a full range of customization services – such as picture cards, or cards in a vast choice of materials and shapes. Of course, we also have you covered with standardized, high-volume products.

Pledge 2030

Pledge 2030 - end the use of virgin plastic
End the use of virgin plastic in payment card products by 2030

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) pledges to replace all virgin plastic in its payment card products latest by 2030 to further enable consumers and banks to fulfill their own sustainability aspirations. G+D is the first in the payment industry to make such a commitment and we expect the industry to follow suit. Download our infographic now.

Complete convenience for card issuers

Payment cards and similar applications have been around for a long time – and they are as popular as ever. Yet the demands placed on them by consumers and financial institutions have increased dramatically. Today expectations range from measures to protect sensitive information when used offline all the way to support for cost-effective marketing tools for issuers. We meet those expectations. In addition, we deliver industry-leading security for the operating system and applications, as well as for the card or alternative form factor itself.

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Smart Cards

We continually innovate our card offerings with unique designs and state-of-the-art security solutions. Our solutions manage your customers' identities with innovative design features that make your cards stand out. G+D produces cards your customers love to use.

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Card Issuance Services

With our card issuance solutions and services, you can deliver a truly differentiated customer experience across both physical and digital touchpoints. All the while, you have full control, visibility, and traceability across the complete issuance process.

Let our references speak

We supply EMV products and services to nine of the top ten financial institutions worldwide, and to around 70 percent of the top 50. If that isn’t enough, we have even more references.

Europe: leading solutions for leading companies

UniCredit Group: we are the main supplier of electronic payment system solutions in UniCredit’s largest markets. Our offering covers the newest generation of EMV cards, including dual-interface cards and personalization services for Germany.


Secure success in Asia

HDFC Bank, India: premium customers of HDFC Bank, one of India’s largest banks, receive credit cards featuring the global EMV standards. With our supply of 500,000 smart cards, this project has greatly assisted India’s migration from standard magnetic-stripe cards to cards with integrated chips.

North America mobile phone payment

Bank of Montreal Financial Group, Canada: G+D supplies 20,000 stickers every year for contactless payment by cell phone.


South American bank with end-to-end approach from G+D

Bradesco Claro, Brazil: G+D provides design consultancy for the complete system and delivers the platforms as managed services via its secure data centers.

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