Secure, modular and scalable card issuance solutions

Today's consumers expect fast, secure and seamlessly integrated payment cards, configured to integrate with both their physical and digital lives. What counts for the customers is the result and the user experience. They don't care about technology or the production flow. They don't have to. But you have to. Payment card issuance is complex. It requires multiple hardware solutions for physical production, security, printing and personalization, coupled with sophisticated software for managing personalized data, cryptographic keys and the overall card issuance process.

We are your ideal partner to support your on-site card personalization needs. Our set of sophisticated, modular solutions is completely scalable. Whether you’re producing thousands of cards, or millions, we help. With our personalization centers located around the world, we have many years of expertise in managing these processes for more than 100 banking clients.

We personalize over 400 million cards every year. Our complete portfolio of card issuance solutions covers every aspect of issuance, from card design, to data generation and validation, logistics, carrier and PIN mailer services, to smart digital solutions employed to enhance the card issuance customer experience.

Convego® Issuance Partner leverages our total portfolio of card issuance and personalization solution to provide an on-premise, secure, scalable and modular personalization solution.


Our central issuance for partner systems is characterized by the following properties:

  • Certified and fully secure solution
  • Scalable to fit from small to large scale personalization sites
  • Modular shape to adapt the solution to your issuance offering
  • Extendable to profit from our services and solutions

Convego® Issuance Partner Portfolio

Convego® Issuance Partner draws on our long-standing expertise in card personalization to deliver a truly secure, scalable solution and to manage all services around personalization. Our modular, state-of-the art solution offers unparalleled security, validated by international payment schemes, local payment associations and authorities around the world. The benefits of Convego® Issuance Partner are:

  • Scalability – same solution can be used to personalize volumes running from mere 10k cards/year to millions
  • Reliability – used for more than 20 years; deployed in almost 60 personalization bureaus world wide
  • Cost effectiveness – we can design a solution fitting any budget
  • Complete turnkey solution – we can provide personalization machines, project management, consultancy, trainings, support, consumables, etc.
  • Enhanced by additional optional online services (online data generation/preparation, ePIN, remote key management, backup, etc.)

The Card Personalization Station is the heart of our solution. It relies on a hardware security module and seamlessly integrates with a number of existing personalization machines and your personalization environment or system in a highly secure manner.

Key Management Station

From the start, all production processes focus on our top priorities – security, data protection and integrity. Our Key Management Station ensures security throughout the entire smart card personalization value chain – and compliance with PCI and international payment schemes. Every step and every tool is secured through this solution, from receiving the provider's data to the final personalization and delivery of returns or activation reports back to the issuer.

Data Generation Station

Generating the data to be personalized in a card can be complex. Our Data Generation Station is designed to make this process  as flexible as possible.

Chip Personalization Station

This part of the Central Issuance Solution manages the actual production and personalization of the cards. Drawing on over 20 years of expertise in card personalization, our Universal Production Platform continues to be a state of-the-art, extremely efficient and highly secure environment for advanced data card personalization, while providing hardware independency, scalability, flexibility to support any application (payment and non-payment) and integration with machine controlling software.

PIN mailer printing station

Producing PIN information for your customers is a crucial component of the card issuance process. To prevent fraud, this sensitive information must be generated and handled securely. In addition, sensitive information needs to be distributed to customers, showing any signs of possible tamper, to reassure them that their data and their money remains safe. We provide a completely controlled environment ensuring highest security of the entire process and use of the materials.

Card Validation Station

Like every card program, every customer is unique. That’s why we provide you and your customers with powerful tools and services to define a range of choices for your card program. Your customer can choose from these and tailor them even more.

The Card Validation Station is a complete and sophisticated testing and card validity checker. Users can define and run testing scenarios to check whether cards have been personalized correctly or to validate personalized cards to ensure they meet the specifications laid out earlier in the process. The solution is easy to use to operators and flexible as new tests can get created to accommodate to specific requirements.

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In-house card personalization services can be a time and resource intensive procedure. With our experience and expertise, you can easily overcome this challenge.

Card issuance services that fit your needs

We are known worldwide as a leader in outstanding customization services and solutions for smart cards. We know that individualization is crucial to success in today’s ultra-competitive environment. Our Card issuance Services can be adapted to your needs and technical specifications. We offer a comprehensive portfolio that comprises Instant Issuance, Managed Issuance, Smart Issuance and Issuance as Partner.

Managed card issuance

Let us manage your card issuance. This puts you as the issuing bank in the enviable position of being able to dedicate yourself completely to your core business and manage relationships with your cardholders.

Instant issuance

We supply self-service solutions for your customers or fit-for-purpose issuance services for offshore locations and your branches.

Smart issuance

The next level in card issuance: smart issuance frees up the traditional choices related to issuance. Our next-generation card issuance platform brings an open environment with it and covers smart services and solutions for increased flexibility, transparency, and connectivity.

Digital first – Convego® Now

With Convego® Now, we bring digital and physical card issuance together. This is the central premise, but there is more.


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