Metal cards – premium experience for your valued customers

In contrast to the common payment card, a metal card is a relatively new type of payment card. Originally issued in the US, it is now gaining traction worldwide. Europe is soon expected to become its fastest growing region. An enormous uptake for this type of card in APAC and China is also anticipated.

Research indicates that a metal card is especially desirable to millennials. In the US, 77% of millennials would prefer a metal card. 47% of persons surveyed would even switch banks if offered a metal card.
Because of their look and feel, issuing metal cards shows that your customers are highly valuable. This is a preeminent differentiator that is capturing the attention of payment cards issuers. Traditional banks, Fintechs or other companies with card programmes all realise, how important it has become to recognize specific customer groups such individuals with high disposable incomes or regular international travellers.

Issuer benefits

  • Customer retention is high; only very few people are then interested in changing their bank
  • Higher spending and more transactions can be observed after rollout
  • Metal cards are a perfect opportunity to increase brand visibility
  • They offer the possibility of expanding customer segments, coupled with revenue increase
  • In conjunction with value-added services, such as bonus points or point earning on all other purchases, metal cards are a prime differentiator

Benefits for customers

  • Metal cards represent a statement of individuality
  • They are a rewarding experience
  • They offer a feeling of uniqueness; not everyone is entitled to one
  • They are a sign of being appreciated, “having earned” the right to a metal card.

We offer products and solutions to meet your needs

Metal Core Card

We offer metal cards for every conceivable purpose. Our offer starts with “Metal Core Cards”. They have a metal core with PVC overlays on both sides. Payments can be made on both sides. The metal core is visible, intriguingly, on the edge. When put on a table, the card sounds exclusive and not common like a PVC card. They weigh 14 grams (regular PVC cards weigh five grams). The same PVC printing possibilities apply to metal cards.

Metal Face Light Card

Our “Metal Face Light Card” weighs 18 grams and it also comes with two working sides. It has a clear, distinctive metal sound and the metal material can be seen at the edge and on the front. Digital printing and drilling is possible.

Metal Face Card

Our “Metal Face Card” weighs 22 grams and is one of the heaviest cards on the market. They are truly unique and differentiating. The Metal Face Cards also have a distinctive metal sound, and work on both sides. The metal material can be seen at the edge and on the front. In addition to drilling, it offers the possibility for laser engraving and silk screen printing.

In addition, we also offer value-added products and services. These include:

  • Unique design via our digital artwork workshop
  • Scheme approval — they are fully supported by our paytech experts
  • Card manufacturing and personalization
  • Unique packaging design for a top user experience
  • Global footprint

Download infographic

Metal cards are a relatively new addition to the worldwide payment industry's card portfolio. Research shows that they are definitely on the rise. We have collected the most important facts about metal cards for you here.

Metal cards have a fascinating appearance and feel, and an especially distinctive sound. They express esteem, value, and preferred customer status. Watch our video to get an impression of the uniqueness of metal cards.


Stand out with our cards

Payment cards have been in ever-growing use for decades and their popularity is almost unbroken. We continuously innovate our card offerings with custom designs and application possibilities. At the same time, we never lose sight of the most important thing of all — security. Our solutions secure issuing institutions, merchants, and cardholders alike. To everyone's benefit, we are continuously working on enhanced security innovations for card products.

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