Card security 2.0 – higher security, conveniently

Rising fraud figures require more security at the point-of-sales (POS), and also online. Higher security is also required by the payment industry and by government. The EU directive governing PSD2 is an example of two factor authentication (2FA). These types of initiatives will improve safety.

But higher security often conflicts with the consumer desire for smooth and comfortable, convenient solutions. Speed in payment is also of the essence, especially while customers wait at the till. These conflicting interests can be resolved by the introduction of biometric smart cards with fingerprint sensors. We now offer these contactless biometric smart cards with a fingerprint sensors. They provide a higher security level than a four-digit pin for point-of-sale (POS) payment.


Our high security payment solutions offer many advantages when compared to traditional card-based payment mechanisms:

  • Higher security than traditional cards
  • Compliant to payment regulations (such as PSD2)
  • High convenience
  • Easy to use
  • State-of-the art technology
  • Certified
  • Cannot be used when lost or stolen

Download consumer survey

Welcome to the age of biometric cards

We wanted to know exactly what our customers think about new payment methods and asked them during the Covid summer of 2020. Read our survey to discover their views and opinions on biometric payment cards and contactless payments, produced by GOODE Intelligence.

Biometric solutions

State-of-the-art user experience makes usage simple

With biometric procedures such as fingerprints, your customers can authenticate themselves even more securely and easily via an app, for example. Our biometric package is consumer centric, easy and safe. We deliver a biometric package that contains a biometric card and a sleeve. It can be used for easy registration. Alternatively, you can use the same registration mechanisms that you’ve previously used. In any case, high security is a must.

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Webinar about the age of the biometric imperative

Biometric smart cards represent the biggest single advance in smart card technology yet. Together with our partners NXP and Linxens we can show you the benefits of biometric cards.


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