G+D Convego® YOU: bringing biometrics to the payment card

The payments ecosystem is vast and diverse. Different devices, new form factors, innovations in card materials. But methods of authenticating identity have largely lacked that breadth of choice – until now. Introducing Convego® YOU: the card that knows you.

Across countries and cultures, customers enjoy innovation. It demonstrates their openness to new ideas, lets them stand out from the crowd, add a little excitement to the day. In recent years, one innovation for proving identity – the fingerprint reader – has become popular in the phone and laptop world, removing the need to enter a password or PIN.  

Now, Convego® YOU lets you offer that technology to your customers in a form factor already known and trusted by billions: the payment card. Giving card issuers a true service differentiator at the prestige end of the market. 

Issuers benefits

  • A fresh and exciting option for high-end customers

  • Cool technology, in a familiar form factor

  • A prestige card with a genuine differentiator

  • An enjoyable user experience

  • Inherently secure authentication process

  • Ideal for high-end cards and prestige programs

  • Strong authentication when onboarding

  • An experienced partner with decades of expertise

With the advancement of biometric technologies, banks can now offer an advanced card that is uniquely recognizing its owner every time upon payment – a card that knows YOU.

Mikko Kähkönen, VP Global Head of Card Products at G+D

Customer lifestyles and benefits

The biometric advantages of Convego® YOU make it exceptionally useful in “out of pattern” scenarios: where additional authentication isn’t legally required, but is genuinely useful for both issuer and customer.

Peace of mind for HNWIs

High Net Worth Individuals are often actively targeted by fraud. Biometric measures ensure the individual making the transaction is who they say they are.  

Protecting high-value transactions

With flexible payment limits, Convego® YOU allows even big-ticket payments to be made as a simple card transaction, with the biometric technology providing the extra security. 

An attractive, premium innovation

Many customers today simply want the latest and greatest technology, even at a higher price point. Convego® YOU lets you offer a sophisticated, market-leading payments solution to these premium consumers. 

Convenience when traveling

Payment attempts in unexpected places often result in a decline, erring on the side of caution. Convego® YOU enables identity to be proven at point of sale, wherever it takes place. 

Activation by sleeve or phone app

A card with Convego® YOU can be activated in a choice of ways – via a secure sleeve, or with a simple phone application. And despite differences between the two major mobile operating systems, it works with both: Android and iOS.  


Survey: Biometric Payment Cards

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Webinar about the age of the biometric imperative

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Biometric smart cards represent the biggest single advance in smart card technology yet. Together with our partners NXP and Linxens we can show you the benefits of biometric cards.

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