Compass VMS®: gain more control at a lower cost

Optimize your cash processing operations with this highly configurable solution. Compass VMS® adds automated, real-time insight to cash management process across all sites.

Improving control and efficiency of a cash center’s core activities, such as depositing and processing cash in a vault, is key to boosting overall productivity. G+D’s Compass VMS® is the most robust software solution in the industry when it comes to inventory management, vault forecasting, processing and accounting for deposits, and administering payouts or cash orders. Drawing on 18 years of experience across five continents, Compass VMS® has been designed to optimize the processes of central and commercial banks, as well as of CITs, by increasing visibility, reducing manual steps, and providing ultimate flexibility. The modular software integrates with all types of hardware and applications across multiple sites and financial institutions. It also features real-time insights and enables a range of reporting capabilities via a dedicated web portal. Experience the difference that holistic and customizable process automation and consolidated management infrastructure make.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Optimized operations: implement automation to reduce process steps and keystrokes
  • Improved transparency: access full track and trace functionality to enable greater visibility across all processes
  • Boosted security: implement role-based access or configure a CCTV interface to mitigate risks
  • Real-time reporting: improve your reporting capabilities by creating standard or bespoke reports in multiple formats
  • Multi-site capability: manage all operations across different cash centers and financial institutions centrally via a consolidated dashboard and a single EOD
  • Added flexibility: grow-as-you-go thanks to an extensible platform, modular design, easy integration with hardware and software, and an ePortal

A comprehensive, cost-efficient cash management solution

Integrate processes

Compass VMS® is trusted by over 200 cash center operations around the world. The integrated solution automates process steps to reduce errors and increase productivity in receiving, reconciliation, and settlement, and features centralized reporting capabilities. Its extensible design allows the addition of new functionalities to ensure your operations remain future-proof.

Reduce your IT costs

Compass VMS® is a hardware- and database-independent solution that can be deployed in either a centralized or decentralized environment. Multiple operating platforms are possible – the solution runs in both Microsoft Windows and Unix IT environments, and supports Oracle or MS SQL – enabling you to cut down on IT costs. Training can also be provided so your staff can implement new configurations when required.

Connect your workflow

Your cash center doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so Compass VMS® has been designed to work with other important applications. Link the software to financial administration, ERP tools, or GL systems, for example, via a host of APIs to give your operations a comprehensive and integrated workflow. The ePortal ensures a smooth flow of information and reduces interfaces.

Engage in best practice operation

Critical data to improve business outcomes is only a click away with Compass VMS®’s built-in cash management reports or on-demand query capability. Users can make important daily decisions based on up-to-date information and pre-defined KPIs, while a configurable dashboard enables more comprehensive cash flow analyses. The software facilitates the creation of bespoke reports according to your needs.

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Compass VMS®

Eine datenintensive Lösung zur Transformation des Cash-Managements

A holistic software approach

Further integrate built-in capabilities

The ability of Compass VMS® to transform your cash center management operations can be further enhanced when used in combination with other solutions from G+D’s software suite. Improve the capabilities of your transport and logistics, network forecasting, and asset performance to deliver increased productivity at a lower cost.

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