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Compass Branch Express: optimize commercial deposits and change orders

Automate in-branch deposits and simplify cash orders with Compass Branch Express – a software solution for boosting branch productivity.

Streamlining branch operations and improving customer service are important KPIs for commercial banks. Compass Branch Express is a simple and effective software solution that enables the commercial banking market to gain efficiency, deliver a better customer experience, and significantly reduce bank operating expenses. By automating business deposits at the branch, Compass Branch Express speeds up cash and check deposits and change orders, reduces paperwork, and improves the accuracy of billing and reconciliation. With Compass Branch Express, transactions are migrated to a digital experience, which provides customers with visibility into transaction status and activity. Branch staff can also receive pre-notification of inbound branch commercial transactions and change requests. With fewer customer inquiries, more streamlined processes within the branch network, and the elimination of lost revenue, G+D’s software solution provides tangible benefits for customers and commercial banks alike. 

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Features and benefits at a glance

  • Faster deposits and orders: speed up deposit processes and cash and coin requests from retail outlets with pre-notification and automated operation
  • Centralized visibility: view commercial deposits and change orders and assign night bags to tellers on a single dashboard, and keep records of each request
  • Financial gain: reduce lost revenue with better billing accuracy, fewer branch disruptions, and enhanced services
  • Labor optimization: integration with G+D BPS® machines and other currency sorters eliminates dual-key entries while a reduction in customer inquiries yields additional productivity gains
  • Satisfied customers: promote fewer bank branch visits and quicker service or opt for touchless delivery, enabled by self-service kiosks and automated locker systems
  • Reduced paperwork: eliminate manual deposit slips and paper forms and switch to a more environmentally friendly and streamlined digital solution

An automated solution for bank deposit and change order processes

Simplify commercial deposits

Simply provide customers with a Compass Branch Express login that they can use to create a barcode with deposit information or a pre-coded deposit bag. The software will then notify the branch that a deposit has been made. When the customer arrives at the branch, the barcode is scanned, and the deposit is verified before being credited to their bank account.

Streamline change orders

To submit an order for cash, customers log in to Compass Branch Express and make their request. The software then routes this request to the branch, giving staff the time to fulfill the order during off-peak periods. When the customer arrives at the branch to pick up the order, Compass Branch Express records this.

Enhance customer service

Improve the service you offer by providing customers with a centralized view of their deposits. This ensures that there are no wasted trips, by confirming when orders can be fulfilled, and also provides an option for provisional credit.

Eliminate disruption

By facilitating fewer reconciliation issues and eliminating unnecessary trips, Compass Branch Express significantly reduces branch disruption. Faster customer transactions and fewer inquiries also lead to fewer operational disruptions and optimize your labor force, so that you can focus on further enhancing customer service and future business opportunities.


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Make ordering cash as easy as ordering coffee!

Compass Branch Express offers a simple process to automate business deposits at the branch. Learn more about optimized commercial deposits and change orders at the branch in our brochure.

Holistic software solution

Add automation and discover new forecasting capabilities

Extend the benefits of Compass Branch Express by combining it with G+D’s broad portfolio of industry-leading table-top currency discriminators for commercial banks. These end-to-end solutions enable greater visibility and automatic order creation and tracking, as well as the ability to predict trends.

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