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Compass Branch Express: optimize commercial deposits and change orders

Automate in-branch deposits and simplify cash orders with Compass Branch Express – a software solution for boosting branch productivity.

Streamlining branch operations and improving customer service is essential for commercial banks. Compass Branch Express is a simple and effective software solution to automate business deposits at the branch. Compass Branch Express speeds up cash and check deposits and change orders, reduces paperwork, offers an optional contact-free locker option and improves the accuracy of billing and reconciliation.

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Features and benefits at a glance

  • Faster deposits and orders: Speed up deposits and withdrawals for businesses. Ensure orders can be filled
  • Reduce paperwork: eliminate manual deposit slips and paper forms
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency: reduce lost revenue with better billing accuracy and fewer branch disruptions
  • Better service: promote fewer bank branch visits and quicker service or opt for touchless delivery, enabled by self-service kiosks and automated locker systems

Streamlined Change Orders 

Compass Branch Express makes it easy for merchants to request cash and coins. Here are the steps: 

  1. Merchants login and submit their orders on the web portal. 
  2. Order is visible to branch staff via Compass Branch Express 
  3. Order prepared by branch staff during off-peak periods. 
  4. Order confirmation and pick-up info received by customer 
  5. Merchant presents pick-up information and takes cash from locker or teller 

Faster Commercial Deposits 

Here’s how Compass Branch Express simplifies commercial deposits: 

  1. Merchants login to create a deposit. 
  2. The branch is notified of the deposit. 
  3. Upon arrival at the branch, the deposit is handed over to a locker, branch staff or night deposit 
  4. Deposit is verified using an optional barcode scanner*, currency discriminator and check scanner.  
  5. The deposit is credited to the merchant’s bank account.  

*Compass Branch Express can create a barcode or a pre-barcoded deposit bag can be used. The barcode would be scanned and the deposit information would pre-populate at the teller line for greater efficiency.


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Make ordering cash as easy as ordering coffee!

Compass Branch Express offers a simple process to automate business deposits at the branch. Learn more about optimized commercial deposits and change orders at the branch in our brochure.

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