Secure digital payment solutions for future-proof customer satisfaction

New technology driven by customer expectations around user experience, and changes in customer behavior can be a great challenge for you as financial service provider. The need for digitalization and new technology does not only call for investments and change of processes, it urges you to put your customers first.

With this shift of focus you  will find your next opportunity for business growth: It allows you to discover new ways to surprise and delight your customers with convenient, channel-agnostic ways to bank and to pay, to onboard to services and to authenticate the same. Nevertheless, these kind of easy-to-use services demand frictionless security: safeguarding your customers is an essential cornerstone of digitalizing the customer experience. At G+D we have the knowledge and expertise in revolutionizing the digital payments space, with future-proof use cases on hand.

G+D is a pioneer in payments, an innovative industry leader and partner of choice in the financial ecosystem

Unbeknown to most, our technology is used by billions of people every day. With more than 700 global banks putting their trust in our offerings, we enable secure and convenient money transactions for everyday use. And our safe payments technology, elegantly combined with smooth customer experiences throughout the whole customer journey, secures the daily life use of financial services. And also creates customer obsession for our clients!


Infographic about the importance of compelling digital payment solutions

A healthy customer relationship is built on reliable, secure and convenient ways to pay. With tokenization, your business has the perfect conditions to safeguard your customers, their payment credentials and transactions.

Trend report on the importance of secure financial services

Paying with a contactless smart device is no longer science fiction: The way we use money and currencies is changing rapidly. New devices, channels, and demands push you closer to the customer. Use them as opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction.

Digital payment solutions – with your customers at heart

A customer-centric experience is one of your customers’ main priorities. In order to cater for this, you’ll need to ensure that you take the following five steps for success into consideration:

1. Offer a great customer Experience: 96 % payment providers, banks and issuers say that customer experience is their top priority

2. Frictionless usage: 61% of customers want an easy onboarding and frictionless access to their digitalized financial services

3. Authentication: Easy methods to authenticate payments, like biometrics, have enormous customer adoption, with an expected business growth reaching $85 billion in 2023

4. Scalability: Any solution needs to work at scale, enabling business to ramp up when needed. For instance, in 2023 there will be an expected 990 million OEM payment users

5. Customer Stickiness: Security and trust is key to brand love and loyalty, with 54% of customers list brand trust as number one reason for using their current bank

Securing everyday digital payments

A state-of-the-art customer experience is the key to create stickiness and attract new customers. Therefore it is essential to provide customer-proven usability for easy onboarding, smart card activation, secure digital payments with authentication and tokenization: At the end of the day, a secure customer journey across all channels and touchpoints. Understanding your customers’ needs and gathering insights about their motivations is fundamental when developing seamless and accelerated end-to-end digital payment solutions. This can be a challenge. With G+D you have found the right partner. We enable standardized and scalable solutions, but with the ability to personalize and fit offerings to your needs, and for identifying new revenues streams - Always with your customer at the heart.

Digital payment solutions

In our connected world, it’s already a reality: Our Convego® CloudPay Suite offers solutions for digital wallets, e-commerce payments, wearable enablement, and tokenization lifecycle management. Brands use it to refine their products and provide their customers with a choice of payment options.

Digital onboarding

Customer acquisition has never been easier, more secure, or – first and foremost – more compliant. Our digital onboarding solution speeds up customer activation for a good start into a profound and long-lasting relationship.

Authentication solutions

We provide device-agnostic-compliant multi-factor authentication solutions for increased conversions, customer activation, and payments on the fly. For everyday use, for your customers’ convenience.

Mobile payment solutions

We enable mobile payment and digital payment solutions for global OEM brands. This helps them boost customer retention and loyalty throughout the entire customer journey for a multitude of mobile payments.

Wearable payment enablement

Our future-proofed secure wearables solutions for contactless payments enable secure authentication and credential management along with value-added services.

Loyalty & pre-paid

Our solutions enable retailers to deliver a full-featured, multi-channel in-store payment system at scale. It puts your brand in front of the customer and creates stickiness, and the same time allowing you to evolve new revenue streams.

Digital first

Digital First is an essential principle that banks who want to build unique and future-proof customer experiences digitally need to follow when designing their products and services. Our solutions enable financial institutions and other players in the ecosystem to provide their customers services such as digital issuance and digital payment.

Mobile ticketing

Seamless and secure mobility is a key factor in the quality of modern life. Research clearly shows that the world's growing population gravitates to urbanized environments.

More insights into digital payment solutions

Digital payment security solutions win two Juniper Innovation Research Awards

The leading digital technology analysts "Juniper Research" have honored two G+D solutions with the Future Digital Award for Payment Innovation.

Mastercard approves G+D as Digital Activity Customer

G+D has been granted approval by Mastercard as a Digital Activity Customer. According to G+D’s legacy in innovating and securing payment ecosystems, this cooperation with Mastercard is another successful part of the long-term strategy in creating confidence and establishing strong partnerships.

Can a new European Payments Initiative succeed?

If implemented successfully, the European Payments Initiative could create a unified payment solution for consumers and merchants across the continent.


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