The Present and Future of Automation

The Path to Enhanced Quality and an Improved Cost/Benefit Ratio

Although the first steps toward automation were taken by the Ancient Greeks, it was with the Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century, together with the discovery of electricity and the electrical inventions of the 19th Century that it truly advanced.
The use of technology has been gathering pace for many years. Many people talk of a fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. Artificial intelligence also enables machines to undertake tasks that previously had been performed exclusively by people.
Automated processes simplify cash handling throughout the cash economy, from banknote printers to central and commercial banks, through to cash-in-transit companies and casinos. Advanced banknote processing systems are filled automatically. Note authenticity and fitness for circulation are tested in fractions of a second, and they are also packed on an automated basis. All of these factors boosts productivity and security in cash management.

However, this is by no means the limit of cash economy automation. Find out more.

The future of coin

To shape the cash cycle efficiently and reliably, banknotes and coins must be considered as a couple. By working with Procoin and NGZ, G+D Currency Technology can provide complete solutions for coin processing in cash centers, thereby strengthening its offering of integrated services for the cash cycle.

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From Data to Service with Software

Specialized software can be used to control and monitor cash center processes in a targeted manner. That’s why software is like a “conductor for cash processing". The following is a discussion of the “automation and data analytics harmony” that will soon be making cash center management more efficient and easier to plan.

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How to Increase Efficiency in Casino Count Rooms

In the dynamic environment of the international casino, cash is king and efficient management of currency – which leaves little room for error – is central to the overall health of the business.

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The Cash Container

Tropical fruit, smartphones, T-shirts – the way streams of products from all over the world find their way to our supermarket shelves and online stores is already a familiar story. Most of them arrive by ship or truck in huge freight containers. But how does the supply of cash work?

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Planet Lean

Make it light, make it fast, make it smart! A desire for greater efficiency and productivity generally results in highly engineered single solutions. But on the whole, efficiency is a mindset: a process of endless, continual rethinking that requires courage and stamina.

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Airport 4.0

The airport of the future will need to integrate stakeholder information in real time. However, it might be a small user-centered improvement that makes the most impact.

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Macau’s turnaround starts in Cotai

After a 26-month recession Macau’s casino industry is back in the game with revenues growing up to double digits. Casinos were working hard to attract mainstream gamblers with tourist-friendly features.

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Today’s casino business is global

Land-based casinos are the largest and most profitable segment of commercial gaming, with a revenue share of 85.75 % in 2016. The industry is becoming more and more global: Major players are building new and efficient resorts in all parts of the world.

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Smart Automation Out of the Box

Automation through standardization in cash centers is a top priority for central banks and commercial operators. The NotaTracc® tray, a green plastic box, has the potential to change not only the world of cash centers radically, but also the entire cash cycle.

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Muckleshoot Casino – relying on the right system

Muckleshoot Casino in the American Northwest shows how investing in a new system for banknote processing can significantly improve all the framework conditions for a soft count team.

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