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Stacked NotaTrays with accurate markings, barcodes and labels

Efficiency and security in a box

The G+D NotaTray® at GSA and LOOMIS in Austria. The crucial component for greater automation, efficiency, and security in the cash cycle: “The vision of cash processing without manual intervention moves a great deal closer”.

Geldservice Austria Logistik für Wertgestionierung und Transportkoordination GmbH (GSA), and partner LOOMIS ÖSTERREICH(LOOMIS) have been successfully using the NotaTray® developed by G+D since May 2018. Since 2016, GSA has been using the NotaTray® Loading System for automated loading of banknotes into the BPS® M7 with a gripper replacing a manual operation.

Insight into the cash center of Geldservice Austria Logistik für Wertgestionierung und Transportkoordination GmbH, GSA for short.

However, for Günter Ernst and Stefan Varga, the two Managing Directors of GSA, implementing the NotaTray® Loading modules was just a first step: “It quickly became clear to us that, to fully utilize the benefits offered by the NotaTray® system, we wanted to also use the tray, not just in our Vienna cash center, but also in collaboration with our partners.” NotaTray® offers two components: The loading module is an intelligent automation solution for banknote processing, while the tray is a standard container that enhances efficiency in logistics.

A transport medium for all players in the cash cycle

Since May 2018 LOOMIS has been directly delivering its deposits to GSA in sealed NotaTrays, replacing the bundles of banknotes they previously used. “Although this may seem like a small change, it enhances the efficiency and security of the cash cycle in Austria, and has also resulted in simplification of our processes,” explains Regina Mittermayer-Knopf, Managing Director of LOOMIS.

Plastic box lashed by a webbing strap

G+D sees these trays as a key step in optimizing the cash cycle: “All institutions are moving towards greater efficiency but to go all the way, we must look at the entire cash cycle – across all institutions participating in it,” explains Christian Huber, Director of Business Development for High Speed Systems at G+D. “The solution lies in introducing a transport and storage medium that is used by all players in the cash cycle, and which makes the automation of cash handling cost-efficient. That’s precisely what we’re striving to achieve with our trays.”


Self-explanatory use, direct measurability

“We are firmly convinced that new technologies in cash logistics will become widely established – provided that new opportunities for collaboration are created. The hurdles to acceptance must be kept low, and ease-of-use kept high,” adds Günter Ernst. “The NotaTray® system meets this need. It is self-explanatory and the effects of automation can be immediately identified and measured, making our employees’ work significantly more ergonomic.”

For GSA and LOOMIS, the use of the NotaTray® system together with the tray optimizes the number of individual steps in cash logistics, with sorting, banding, or bundling of banknotes reduced to a minimum. “With intelligent automation solutions such as NotaTray®, G+D facilitates customers to get much closer to a ‘hands-off’ cash cycle,” Christian Huber continues. “The Austrian cash cycle moves a decisive and significant step closer to the vision of cash processing without manual intervention.”

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