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With our experience in cybersecurity and products and services rolled out to sectors across the globe, G+D Mobile Security supports your digital transformation with solutions that help you manage all aspects of enterprise security, from identity and access to fraud management, from company data to staff's mobile devices. No matter what you do or where you do business, our experts don’t just know your challenges, they also know exactly how to tackle them.

Protecting your identity journey – step by step


Give new users a smooth and fast registration experience - use our digital solutions to speed up creating and verifying identities


Securely transfer credentials to a variety of device vaults, from eSIMs to SIM and smart cards


Limit access to the right people with robust authentication. Leverage key servers and data centers resistant to cyberattacks


Provide and manage services and security over the entire lifecycle of devices and users


At the end of the lifecycle, safely erase all profiles and service-related data from registered devices

Convenience, customer-centricity and security

The digital transformation is not only forcing businesses to offer more information and services online and via mobile devices, they also must keep up with the increased pace of change in the market. At the same time, digital transformation is shifting the focus to the customer and placing greater emphasis on convenience.

Balancing convenience, customer-centricity and a high level of security and data protection while working on winning and keeping customers is a challenge across industries and sectors.

* Source: 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report

Cybersecurity over the entire lifecycle of devices and users

G+D Mobile Security supports your digital transformation and helps you manage all aspects of enterprise security, from identity management to fraud prevention, along with data protection and mobile applications.

Key solutions for enterprises

Identity and access management

Onboarding    Provisioning    Management    Discontinuation

Manage access to critical systems efficiently and cost-effectively from a single platform. From two-factor authentication to securing multiple access points for securely managed digital identities of people, devices, machines, and applications.

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Enterprise security

Onboarding    Provisioning    Usage    Discontinuation

We know how to keep businesses safe: G+D offers a one-stop identity shop for issuing, revoking, provisioning, managing, and authenticating digital identities of users (IAM), mobile devices, machines, and applications.

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Enterprise mobility management

Onboarding    Provisioning    Usage    Discontinuation

Employees are increasingly using their own mobile devices for work as well as for private use. "Bring your own Device", however, creates a security loophole. G+D’s enterprise mobility management solution closes the gap and keeps company data secure.

  Securing company information and assets on private mobile devices

News highlights

Certified eSIM Management with top-level of security

Press Release | September 2017

The GSMA has issued a Security Accreditation Scheme Subscription Management Certification for our US data center. Coupled with our certified data center in Europe, G+D Mobile Security now provides fully-certified geo-redundancy for eSIM Management services for both IoT and consumer use cases.

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Managing identities in the aviation industry

smart! | February 2019

According to the WEF cross‐border travel will grow by 50% over the next decade to reach 1.8 billion international arrivals by 2030. Today’s connected customers expect seamless, all‐online sign‐up and authentication processes – whether they are joining a social platform, opening a bank account or travelling for business.

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G+D joins Verimi, the new European master key platform

Press Release | January 2018

As the 10th stakeholder to join Verimi, G+D will share its experience in security technology to help build a trusted platform that provides secure user access to a growing number of global online services. The new masterkey platform complies with highest security and privacy standards under European law.

  More about our partnering with Verimi

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Enterprise Cyber secYOUrity. It’s all about managing identities.

G+D Mobile Security solutions protect the integrity of valuable assets, enable compliance with industry regulations, and help you nurture your customers‘ trust in your brand.

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Is your enterprise prepared to meet the challenges of digital transformation?

Advanced recognition technologies using passwords and tokens can help enterprises decrease the risk of attack by 55%. Read why state-of-the-art digital identity and access management is critical to security.


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