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Managing different enterprise security needs with StarSign® authentication solutions

Our StarSign® product line is a high-security and innovative solution that has been tried and tested around the world. It comprises smartcards, tokens, key fobs, wristbands, middleware, authentication software, mobile solutions, and card operating software. It also includes a broad spectrum of additional services that are scalable to your individual needs.

StarSign® Benefits

Ideal for the end-user market 

All products can be used in end-user markets such as banking, online gaming, and ticketing. The product line is also well suited for the enterprise market – for secure login, digital signature, document and email encryption, secure banking, and much more.

Plug-and-play solutions 

All our products can be applied to any platform that supports smart cards, such as Windows 10, Windows Vista, Mac OS, and Linux Redhat and Ubuntu. No additional drivers are needed. All products are also offered with the state-of-the-art Java Card-based smart card operating system Sm@rtCafé® Expert. It supports a wide range of crypto features such as AES, RSA, elliptic curves, and SHA.

A wide range of use cases

Potential use scenarios include securing access to enterprise applications and VPN connections. Our hardware security module can also be applied to authenticate users and to sign transactions. This is especially helpful for online and mobile banking. It is also useful for identity and access management solutions, as well as for eGovernment applications – eTax filing, for example. Additionally, it is widely used to secure online applications or mobile devices.


Card personalization and individualization services are available with all of our hardware products. We can provide optical personalization like card or token body printing, and electronic personalization such as pre-installation and configuration of PKI applications.

StarSign means trustworthy identities and transactions

All over the world, our PKI-based solutions are the backbone of IT security infrastructures. PKI offers very strong protection levels against hacker malware. It uses public and private keys for encrypting and signing data. And it creates a safe chain of trust to protect internet data. Authentication based on PKI credentials is the most stringent type of security. These credentials can also serve for encryption and digital signatures at the highest level when deployed on smart card technology.

Our FIDO-based solutions rely on free and open standards from the FIDO Alliance. These protocols use standard public key cryptography to provide stronger authentication, thereby enabling password-only logins to be replaced with secure, fast login experiences across websites and apps. Our solutions are based on standards like FIDO U2F, FIDO UAF, and FIDO2, which are becoming established in the market


Easy to use, strong, secure, compatible!

G+D’s range of certificate-based hardware authenticators offer strong multi-factor authentication and enable organizations to address their security needs. They offer a single solution for strong authentication and application access control, including remote access, network access, password management, and network logon. They are designed for corporate ID badges, magnetic stripes, and proximity solutions. What’s more, our certificate-based USB authenticators enable secure remote access. Advanced applications including digital signing, password management, network logon, and combined physical/logical access in a single USB token are part of its features. All our products can be easily integrated and used on many platforms. The smart card chip assures the highest level of security and can also be used for digital signatures.

Our StarSign® authenticators at a glance

StarSign® SmartCards are available in a variety of types including contact-only, contactless and dual-interface (DI). A range of use cases can be covered by these card types.The StarSign® FIPS 201 Card complies with rigorous US government personal identification and verification requirements for facilities and information systems (PIV).

StarSign PKI credit card by G+D

StarSign® PKI Cards

StarSign PKI Cards are available in a variety of types, including contact only, contactless, and dual interface (DI). A range of use cases can be covered by these card types, for example digital signatures, email encryption, remote secure connection, and physical access functions like time and attendance recording and access control.

Image of the StarSign FIPS 201 card

StarSign® FIPS 201 Card

The StarSign® FIPS 201 Card complies with rigorous US government personal identification and verification requirements for facilities and information systems (PIV).

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StarSign® FIDO Card

The StarSign® FIDO Card is a dual interface card. It allows contact-based and contactless FIDO transactions and can be easily combined with other applications such as physical access control. It supports FIDO U2F and FIDO2 in a unique hybrid mode. This allows plug & play use on any FIDO U2F- and FIDO2- enabled operating system and internet browser. Special drivers, such as to login on Windows 10 or webpage login via commonly used internet browsers, aren't required. The user verification can be optionally performed via a card PIN, which can be individually defined by the card holder.

Four StarSign Crypto USB tokens with and without lid

StarSign® Crypto USB Token

The StarSign® Crypto USB Token is a convenient plug-and-work security tool. It doesn't require a smart-card reader or any additional drivers. Our hardware token supports all state-of-the-art host operating systems. The Crypto module can be delivered in a plastic housing, a metal housing, or no housing at all. This makes integration into third-party devices easily possible. Our token was awarded the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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StarSign® Key Fob

Our StarSign Key Fob is the first biometrics-enabled security key in the market that combines FIDO with physical access control applications and payment applications in one device. The Key Fob is a crypto hardware token in a stylish shape. It's convenient to carry and easy to use. The integrated fingerprint sensor on the top of the device can be used to quickly confirm transactions.

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StarSign® secure interface software

Both smart cards and hardware tokens can be integrated into middleware solutions. Middleware is the basis for interactions between smartcards or hardware security modules on one hand, and IT security applications on the other. We provide an all-arounder for strong authentication, integration, and compatibility. It implements the standard PKCS#11 interface for most common operating systems and Microsoft’s CryptoAPI (CSP) for Windows platforms. Furthermore, it combines compliance with the latest and leading industry standards and protocols, along with high flexibility to reduce cost of deployment. Middleware allows any PKCS #11- and/or CSP-compliant application to benefit from features of smart cards and USB tokens on any of the supported platforms.

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StarSign® Sm@rtCafé® Expert

Our Sm@rtCafé® Expert products ensure accurate implementation of current GlobalPlatform specifications. Sm@rtCafé® Expert implements the Java Card API and is fully compliant with relevant ISO communication standards. Its extensive range of state-of-the-art security algorithms and functions provides security and the highest protection for your valuable applications and data. It has been specially designed as a platform that supports smart card integrated circuits (ICs) produced by multiple manufacturers. This flexibility allows you to select the platform that meets your technical and price expectations. In addition, it gives you a wider choice of form factors (smart card or hardware security module), interfaces (contact-based only, contact-based, and contactless), and EEPROM capacity.

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Related products

Our FIDO authentication solution enables password-only login replacement with secure and fast login across websites and apps. These highly secure solutions can enable you to create use cases for many places, be it at home, work, or play.

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Enterprise security

Our solutions enable seamless and secure authentication to future-proof your business. We help you to manage every aspect of enterprise security, from identity and access to fraud management, from company data to staff mobile devices. Our experts not only know your challenges, they also know exactly how to tackle them.

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Software-based authentication

Our software-based authentication enables seamless and frictionless authentication. We give online protection a simpler and better user experience while providing stronger security and reducing risk at the same time.

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