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Introducing StarSign®: scalable solutions for different security needs

It’s happening everywhere. Enterprises are bringing their business processes and transactions online with cloud and mobile services. Yet as simple as it may seem, this trend holds some of the biggest challenges. Digital often implies a constant trade-off between fast and easy authentication systems on the one hand, and robust and secure access management om the other. G+D’s StarSign® solutions, based on standards from the FIDO Alliance, bring these two seemingly contrary positions together. They make online security simpler and easier to use while providing stronger protection and reducing risks for the enterprise.

Authentication with a FIDO solution means replacing password-only logins with secure and fast login for websites and apps alike.
Our StarSign® FIDO solutions offer a wide variety of options that can be tailored to your specific needs. What they have in common is that they are easy to implement and flexible. Once they are integrated into your environment, you will enormously improve user experience and benefit from cost efficiencies, such as lower support costs.

Our StarSign FIDO-standard-based solutions turn that around and make online security a simpler and better user experience while providing stronger security and reducing risks for the enterprise.

To authenticate with a FIDO-based solution enables password-only logins to be replaced with secure and fast login experience across websites and apps. Our StarSign® FIDO solutions offer a wide variety of options, which can be tailored to your specific needs. They are all easy-to-implement and flexible. Once integrated into your environment you will enormously benefit from cost-efficiency, such as reduced support costs and improved user experience.


  • Cost savings in regard to both capex and opex
  • Flexible and strong security
  • No vendor lock
  • Easy implementation and enrollment
  • Little management effort

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How FIDO technology and StarSign® security can make the difference for your business

Discover G+D's StarSign® FIDO authentication portfolio and learn how to create sophisticated, secure access and control solutions to support secure physical access, authentication, transactions, signatures and more.

Introducing the StarSign® FIDO Mobile Authentication Server

Our StarSign® FIDO Mobile Authentication Server enables seamless, real-time, frictionless authentication according to the FIDO UAF, FIDO2, and FIDO U2F specifications. Employees, customers, and end users benefit through compliant, convenient, and secure access to their digital systems and services. Users of both desktop and mobile environments can chose among a variety of authentication factors for multi-factor authentication (MFA) – from hardware and software tokens and solutions to biometrics. The combination of convenience, security, compliance, and flexibility is key to the success of StarSign® FIDO Mobile Authentication.

The main advantages of StarSign® FIDO Mobile Authentication Server are:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) server covering both enterprise- and consumer-focused use cases
  • Convenient and secure user verification with no password, but based on biometrics on mobile devices or FIDO-enabled hardware devices, such as our StarSign FIDO Card and our StarSign FIDO Key Fob
  • Complementary client software development kits (SDKs) for the Android and iOS mobile platforms, allowing for easy integration into your mobile applications and including biometric methods such as fingerprint, iris, face, and voice
  • Supported for the FIDO UAF, FIDO U2F, and FIDO2 protocols
  • No need for any PKI or complex infrastructure
  • Straightforward integration into your existing backend environment via REST API and SAML2, and hosting on any Java EE supporting environment
  • Thanks to multi-tenancy support, largely scalable and deployable in HA redundant clusters
  • PSD2 compliant and Common Criteria certified
  • Optional risk-based authentication to support behavioral analysis (swiping, typing), context analysis (location, network), device analysis (device fingerprint/parameters), and policy definitions
  • Quick installation and integration into existing enterprise environments
  • Professional support, maintenance, and training services

StarSign® Mobile Authentication FIDO Software Authenticator

We offer the broadest portfolio of FIDO authentication methods on the market, spanning from purely software-based solutions to a wide range of hardware authenticators based on smart card chip technology, such as tokens. This includes our StarSign FIDO Card and the StarSign FIDO Key Fob. The FIDO UAF-certified StarSign FIDO SW Authenticator can be easily integrated into Android and iOS applications. It allows users to run their mobile device for convenient and secure user verification based on biometric authentication as part of an MFA process. It relies only on software and does not require any additional hardware. Key generation, storage, and usage are rooted in an application security framework that is the most stringent software toolkit on the market today.


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Learn more about our FIDO-based approach making online security a simpler and better experience for your employees

Our StarSign® product family offers intelligent and cost-effective security. The portfolio comprises a variety of hardware- and software-based solutions. As a result, enterprises can equip their organization to meet the challenges of a mobile and connected society.

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Our StarSign® offering is nothing less than a high-security and innovative solution that has been tried and tested around the world. It comprises smartcards, hardware and software tokens, key fobs, wristbands, middleware, authentication software, mobile solutions, and card-operating software. And because of the broad spectrum of our additional services, it is scalable to the various needs of enterprises.

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Enterprise security

Our solutions enable seamless and secure authentication process to future-proof your business. We help you to manage all aspects of enterprise security, from identity and access to fraud management, and including protection against phishing or hacks.

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Hardware-based authentication

Our StarSign product family offers intelligent and cost-effective security. We equip enterprises to deal with the challenges of a mobile and connected society. With our solutions, you can protect your intellectual property.

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Users are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the plethora of passwords used in both personal and professional lives.


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